Online Gambling: Tech in the Service of Safety

Added on June 10, 2018, in Casino Bonus Articles by Gambling Gurus

Enjoying our leisure time tackling online games, we seldom stop to dwell on the relationship between gambling and technology, how the latter affects our experience and wellbeing. As we got used to many advantages internet gaming has given us, convenience and accessibility being the most significant, we forgot all about the difficulties players had to deal with in the early days of virtual casinos. High-speed internet, mobile platforms, hundreds of video slots with life-like graphics, well-developed reward programs, online guides and community – what we take for granted today seemed impossible a decade ago, a science fiction dream at best. But there is one important product of technology that, despite being crucial to every online player, often gets forgotten when discussing the tech factor within the iGaming context – player safety.

Bonus Guard Features

At the end of 2016, online casinos started introducing various tools to promote fair bonus play and safer gambling for risk players. Extra winning chances are among the main reasons why internet gaming has become so popular, and players will often pick a site on the merit of their promotional offer. Due to free
money, incentives have unfortunately fallen prey to unscrupulous players who look to exploit them and get as much profit as they can by circumventing the rules casinos have established. In addition, some inexperienced customers, unaware of the terms and conditions of such offers, often breach the rules unintentionally, losing funds in the process. On the other hand, there are dishonest websites that purposefully enforce convoluted terms, with the sole intention to prevent users from winning. In order to prevent these problems, several leading casinos have implemented automatic protective features into their bonus-viable games. Players themselves have prompted some of these breakthroughs. One such feature is the max bet protection tool. As can be deduced from its name, the tool functions in such a way, as to disable stakes that are higher than allowed while wagering winnings from bonuses. Putting a cap on the amount that players can bet while attempting to complete rollover requirements, has become a common practice at a vast majority of online venues. Despite being a standard rule, players continue to break it on a regular basis, whether intentionally or not, forcing casinos to void their bonus balance as a result.

Built-in Functionality

The best aspect of the new protective tools is that they are fully automatic, alleviating the stress for both the player and operator. When a player starts a game and attempts to place a bet over the stated limit, the feature activates and prevents them from doing so. This way, even if they disregard the T&C of
the site, they cannot breach them and cause trouble in doing so. Some reputable operators have gone even further, expanding the functionality of protective tools to include games that may not be played using bonus funds. Playing restricted games is a mistake just as common as betting over the threshold. If any such slot is loaded, a warning pops up immediately, and players are not able to proceed. In these cases, bonus funds are excluded from the balance. Even though these features are easy to incorporate into any platform using the technology available today, few operators have taken a step towards achieving this significant milestone for iGaming. Technical solutions such as these not only keep players safe but also promote a trusting relationship between casinos and their customers.