Roulette Betting Strategies Reviewed

Strategies for Betting on Roulette

The rate at which people gamble on the Roulette Tables around the world is growing rapidly. In spite of the odds of the game, many players dare the odds to make incredible wins with handsome amounts of cash from it regularly. As a casino game, Roulette Betting Strategies is a game of sheer luck.

In Roulette, there’s no such thing as an expert betting strategy but a gamer can help influence his or her game in one way or the other by arming themselves with the basic skills.

One aspect of this is to know the basic roulette betting strategy.

In the Game of Roulette, no one can tell what will happen. A player cannot tell which action they will take that will be to their favor as well as the other way around. The game would not have been referred to as a casino game of chance if the opposite were to be the case.

There is no difference in the playing experience between European and American Roulette. In any game of chance you want to be able to place the bets with the best odds, American roulette at Black Lotus offers you how to win in roulette and all other major casino games.

Placing the Right Bet

Knowing fully well that the determinant stage of this game lies in the betting, a lot of gamblers have tried to ascertain how to make the right decision that will beat the Roulette Wheel, but all the efforts have proved futile. Nevertheless, a gamer still needs to place the right bet if he wishes to win. Therefore, there are some strategies which casinos devised for customers to use, although they favor them more than the players they can be of help in rare occasions.

When you talk about Roulette Betting Strategies for casino games, there are many types of betting strategy models that come to mind. However, the most popular among Roulette Betting Strategies is called the Martingale Betting Strategy. The Martingale set of roulette betting strategies emerged and soared into great popularity in the 18th century.

An example of the Martingale’s most popular strategy presents some odds in which the player loses his stake in the game if a coin comes up tails, but wins it if a coin comes up heads. And after every loss, you double your game bet to recover previous losses.

Some say that games of chance are best played using this betting strategy model, and one of these such games is the Roulette Game.

Roulette Betting StrategiesMartingale Strategy – Roulette Betting Strategies

In this strategy, the gamer doubles his bet after each loss. That is to say that a player that bets $10 on their first losing bet will then bet $20, $30, $40 and so on and will keep increasing it until it reaches the maximum bet that is allowed on the table while they’re losing.

If the player eventually wins they will get paid double or twice as much in winnings as their previous bet would have paid and their logic in this roulette betting strategies is that this strategy betting method will overcome the overall losing bets previously made.

This sounds like an advantage to players because they are sure of overcoming their initial losses.

But it’s not really an advantage considering the odds of the game and considering the fact that there’s a maximum bet amount a table accepts as a bet at which point the player goes back to the starting bet amount. As a player looking to place a bet on online roulette games, you will most likely stumble through several review sites.

Grand Martingale Strategy – Roulette Betting Strategies

This Martingale Betting System tends to be less friendly with players as one can lose large amounts of money much faster. In this system, a player is expected not only to double his/her bet after each loss but to add an extra unit to it. This means that if the starting bet was $10, the next bet is going to be $30; i.e. double the initial bet ($10) plus an extra $10. The next bet size jumps up to $70; i.e. double $30 plus an additional $10 and so on, and will continue at this bet rate until a win eventually shows up or the players bankroll goes bust or the player reaches the table max bet limits.

Cancellation Strategy – Roulette Betting Strategies

This Roulette Betting Strategy does seem to be a bit less damaging to your bankroll than the Martingale but it still does not make it a solution either. Here the player starts with a series of numbers and bets a total on either of the two ends.

If he/she wins, then there will be a cross off. He/she cancels the numbers just played. But unfortunately, the player loses, the total will be added to the series. In a situation where all the numbers have been cancelled out, the player gets a profit equal to the sum of the numbers in the original series.

There are also some self-planned strategies a player can adopt on his own while playing the Roulette game to bet at the right time and on the right number.

Below are some of these Roulette Betting Strategies:

(1) The first strategy that can help a player is to know when a Roulette wheel shows a bias. This is usually caused by the walls or frets in between the numbers on the wheel. At times it may occur when the wheel is left off balance or when a slight track has worn out on the wooden path that leads down to the numbers. Several stories have been told about people winning on Roulette wheels with a bias.

One of the most historic stories in the roulette game fraternity is one that happened a long time ago. It was told about a man named Joseph Jagger who broke the bank by winning a huge sum of approximately $5,000,000 (in today’s dollar value) in a casino where he discovered a bias in a roulette wheel after he took time to record the numbers that came up on different wheels in the casino.

The dealer discovered this and after it was fixed, Joe Jagger’s winning streak ended and he began to lose. He was wise enough to surrender and he left never to return to the casino with approximately 325,000 francs. This wouldn’t have been possible if he never knew how to detect a bias.

Detecting a Bias

Detecting a bias can be very demanding as it requires a player to track the number that shows up in over thousands of spins on different wheels. This is very difficult and as a result, a player needs to note that this happens on rare occasions as virtually all casinos check their wheels for accuracy on a regular basis.

(2) Another thing in roulette betting strategies that a player needs to observe before he/she places a bet that would be more likely to win is to observe when a dealer probably gets in a groove and begins to release the ball at almost the same angle over and over again and with the same velocity.

Do the Odds Favor your Bets?

This could be the perfect time to take a chance if you’ve been watching the action for a while and monitoring the numbers coming up. As this is going on, a clever player should know that the ball at the same time should be falling around almost the same wheel region. The chance to win increases and betting will be more likely to result in a win as the odds favor your bets.

(3) Most players at times opt to bet on the same number with their fellow player/s on the table that has been winning more often than the rest. They do this hoping that the player probably might have discovered a bias, or maybe knows something they don’t.

*Please note that gambling is, for the most part, a game of pure luck, the use of any of these strategies may or may not offer some level of success in this game. Gambling Gurus do not recommend that you try the Roulette Betting Strategies or the Martingale Strategy discussed here, that is strictly up to you whether you may want to try this method of betting on the Roulette Table.

Roulette Betting Strategies

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