Insider Tips On Player Ratings & Comps at Land Based Casinos

Casino Player Rankings | Suggestions for Comps

As a long time player who generally plays fairly large bets and spins, I’d like to share some insider tips on your player ratings and the comp perks you can earn. As an example, if you sit down at a BJ table and buy in for $500.00 to $1,000.00 dollars, make sure that you hand the Pit Boss your Players Club Card immediately.

This is only the beginning of getting the most out of your rated play.

Remember, “Rated Play” is what it’s all about!

Normally, the Pit Boss will mark down on your player ratings card the time you began play, your buy in cash or marker amount, and your average bet within your first 3 to 5 bets. Here’s the deal folks. If your first bet is $25.00, but 3 to 5 hours later you are betting $100.00 or more per hand, as an example, then typically the Pit Boss will still have you rated at $25.00 per hand average bets.

This is by no means done on purpose, but because weekends are very busy at most casinos and the Pit Boss for that particular area has to watch over many players and many tables then your real rating is usually missed as he or she maybe only initially looked at it three to four hours earlier.

Here is one of the fastest ways to “Increase your Comps”

Before you leave any table game, make sure you ask the Pit Boss about your player ratings and what the average size bet they have you listed at for that particular session. Don’t let them tell you “I have you covered or something along those lines”. If you do, then you could be losing out on what could amount to thousands of extra comp and perk benefit dollars over a few months time…..Ouch !

Ask to verify specifically your average bet, as well as the time played at that session. This simply opens the door for negotiation. When speaking to the Pit Boss, if he or she tells you that you are rated at $25.00 average bet size, then now is the time to negotiate, right then and there, not a day later or even an hour later but right then and right there !

You can state that for the last 3 hours of your 5 hours of play, you were betting $100.00 to $150.00 per hand average bet size if in fact you were. At that point most Pit Bosses will say I’ll raise your average bet to $100.00 or $125.00. If that is acceptable to you, you just quadrupled your comps for that session of gambling.

Now on the other hand if that is still not quite acceptable to you then you may need to do a little further negotiation with Mr. Or Ms. Pit Boss by simply asking him or her to please verify your average bet with the past two dealers that were dealing that particular table. Nine times out of ten the Pit Boss will be more than happy to do this for you.

If you will use this technique and practice this at each and every table, then you will certainly raise your comps and player ratings. All casino comps and perks are based on your rated play in the casino. So if you simply walk away from the table, or accept a vague answer from the Pit Boss, you are leaving huge amounts of your comp dollars at the casino. Also, the same holds true for not using your card while playing at one of the slot machines.

Remember to always use your “Players Club Card” at all times as all invitations to special events, tournaments, rooms, food & beverage (also known as RF&B) etc. are based on your last trips player ratings. And your last trips rated play will also earn you cash coupons redeemable on future trips.

One last tip before I sign off. At the end of your casino trip go and tell your casino host how much you have enjoyed this trip and let him or her know that you are really looking forward to seeing them again soon. Introduce your spouse to them too.

Before you leave your casino host ask them if they have a minute that they can look at your player ratings for this trip and see if you are eligible for any airfare reimbursement. Usually if you ask this, all they will want to see is the price on your ticket stubs in order to fully or partially reimburse you.

It never, ever hurts to ask ! All they can say is no and if they say yes then you are that much better off and you will be taking extra cash home with you. Until next time, you guys play smart, enjoy your trip and remember to always ask for what you want.



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