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Added on June 24, 2024, in Las Vegas by Gambling Gurus

Vegas VIP Entertainment – No Restrictions!

“What occurs when you invite me over? Soon enough, there will be a tapping sound on your door, you’ll unveil it and allow me in. I will initiate some tender tunes and begin to delicately and provocatively sway my body, gradually removing my garments before your watchful eyes. You’ll start to experience this enchanting feeling that you desire”…Hold on… the rest is yet to come!

The conversation snippet above was from a call that a VIP Gambling Guru received while in Las Vegas recently. The conversation went on for several more paragraphs, many more actually, but that’s enough for you guys to get an idea and ambiance feel of the mood setting that captures another unique blend of Vegas VIP Entertainment!

Premier, full-service entertainment is part of what made Las Vegas famous. Like we have said before, whether it’s sensuality, eroticism or glamour… whatever it is you or your mate desires, you’ll find it’s available in Vegas baby! Vegas has always been about much more than just gambling. Read on to find out what other types of truly unique Vegas VIP Entertainment venues are available to “High-Rollers in Sin City“…

Another perk for the VIP Gentlemen Players is that your casino gaming host can arrange to set up a private boudoir photography session with one of the industry’s best studios for your lady friends traveling with you. And believe me guys, ‘your lady or ladies’ will love you big time for this sensual and erotic experience that they can look back on and remember and cherish for years to come.

Vegas Private Sins is who we are giving kudos to here. These professionals are industry experts at destination management and a variety of choices for the VIP client who is ready for the most extravagant and unrestrained Vegas VIP Entertainment eXperience that money can buy!

Vegas VIP EntertainmentVegas Private Sins is a premier full-service, high energy, professional Vegas VIP Entertainment Network that takes pride in adding a non-traditional style and choice for the most extravagant.

A personalized Las Vegas live eXperience that creates an ambiance and environment unmatched by any other Vegas destination management company is everyday business for these guys.

High-Roller Casino Escorts who not only dress like a million bucks but look just as good and stick by your side for good luck at the High Stakes Tables or the VIP Slot Lounges are only a request away when you roll like some of the Gambling Gurus do.

If you’re a true High-Roller then you will most certainly have one of the best casino hosts in Vegas looking after your every want and need! The Vegas VIP Entertainment Hosts are some of the best in the world.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, then how about a private chartered flight to dine at San Francisco’s most popular visitor destination, Fisherman’s Wharf for the evening? That’s also easily arranged by your personal VIP Host.

Or if you had rather party with the Hollywood crowd in a private Vegas Villa or a Vegas Nightclub where only the best connected VIP’s are allowed entry, that’s not a problem either. Your Casino Host can get you “In like Flynn”. There’s “No Restrictions” to what VIP High-Roller Connoisseurs can have and enjoy while in Vegas, you only have to imagine and request what you want. Vegas is yours!

Of course, some of the ‘perks’ that we mentioned are solely based on your gaming play and wager turnover. Read our Player Ratings Guide to see how you can increase your comp earnings ratio while at the tables or machines at your favorite casino.

Make sure the casino you visit the most is always tracking your play as this will pay off later when you’re booking a trip to Sin City. Your casino host in Vegas can look at your play history from your local casino and they will then be able to offer you better comps and perks for a better Vegas VIP Entertainment experience before you even arrive!