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Vegas High Rollers

Though an older video documentary, this intriguing record of Las Vegas high rollers remains impactful. Louis Theroux chronicled a remarkable weekend in Las Vegas in 2007, which was part of a TV series for the BBC.

Louis Theroux is well known in the UK for his narrative documentaries on fascinating subjects he’s been making since the 90’s.

His documentaries are broadcast on the BBC in Great Britain and also around the world on other channels. In the two part video series below, Louis’s laid-back and intellectual savoir-faire to extraordinary and fascinating situations sets him in the action at the Las-Vegas-Hilton.

With some of the top Vegas High Rollers, Louis meets the high rollers and the casino hosts who help keep the green-backs in Vegas. It’s most definitely fun and interesting to watch Louis’s reaction and interactions with the Vegas high rollers & hosts as thousands upon thousands are wagered during his weekend stay! Casino Comps & Player Ratings Tips

The Las Vegas Hilton sets the stage as Louis’s home away from home for the long weekend. The Vegas Hilton was once the largest casino hotel in the world and also the casino home to Elvis, who played over eight hundred sold out shows there. A truly great Las-Vegas-USA-Casino.

In the first video, Louis meets casino host Richard Wilk, who’s one of the Hilton’s suave and smooth-talking super hosts. Player Hosts like Richard take pride in their ability to say yes to their high-rolling clients every want and need as they test the Vegas Odds. Louis meets and hangs out with Richard’s high-rolling whales.

Whales such as Allan (no last name given), who regularly flies in from Toronto, Canada for a weekend stay in a fully comped, 15,000 square foot, $25,000 a night penthouse suite!

Interestingly, since the documentary, Allan has been reportedly seen in 2016 as an Uber driver.

As Louis later makes his way past the glitz & glamour of the showgirls and flashing lights he meets Tommy Brown, who looks after the high-limit slots players. Tommy introduces Louis to Martha, who is a glamorous and sweet little lady who spends at least $1,000 plus dollars a day on the slots and video poker games.

She’s hardly missed a day of play in the past ten years she’s been going to the Las Vegas Hilton and she’s lost approximately $4 million dollars there in that time span! But that doesn’t stop Martha from returning.

Louis also meets John and Tim who are Vegas-Casino regulars at the blackjack tables. These two guys are a riot as they try to take Louis under their wing and loosen him up on the Blackjack Tables. Louis apprehensively gambles his own money through a very long night at the tables until they all walk away at 5am.

In the second video Louis meets a high-roller known in Vegas as “Dan the Man”, who entertains and teaches Louis the Winning Hands of Baccarat. Louis risks his own $3,000 bankroll on this last night in Vegas.

Vegas High Rollers Gambling (Video Documentary)

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Video Documentary Credits: Presenter: Louis Theroux – Director & Producer: Stuart Cabb – Executive Producer: Nick Mirsky