How to Play Seven Card Stud Poker

seven_card_studWhen people think of poker, the majority of minds will immediately wander to Texas Hold ’Em, which is the most popular poker game in the world, hogging the majority of the spotlight, due to its constant TV coverage and use in films such as Casino Royale. There are, however, many different forms of poker, that each have equally exciting merits to them, like Chinese Poker, Real Estate Poker, Five-O Poker, Billabong, and many more. The one I’d like to go over today, as it’s a personal favourite of mine, is Seven-Card Stud poker. There are some similarities with Texas Hold ‘Em, but enough differences that it feels, at times, like a completely different game. And just FYI, you can find poker games, similar to this, as well as an array of other casino games at Norway’s leading online casino, which is also a favourite of mine.

Dealing the First Cards

The game starts with a dealer dealing two face-down cards to each player, much like in Texas Hold ‘Em, however each player is also dealt a face-up card. Whoever has the lowest value face up card (which is called the ‘door card’) will be responsible for the ‘bring-in’. Which I won’t go into here for those who don’t know, so check out this link, if you want to know more about this term.

Third to Fifth Street

Each subsequent round in the game is named after a numbered street, because what’s life without a dash of whimsey? Third Street starts with the person to the left of the bring acting, by either, folding, calling, or raising, as in other poker games. Play then continues in a clockwise fashion until everyone has acted. At the start of Fourth Street (and Fifth), the dealer gives another face-up card to each player and the person with the highest value will act first, and then everyone to the left goes in turn. Fifth street mimics this round, but with increasingly high betting limits.

Sixth and Seventh Street

Sixth and Seventh are very similar to Fifth, however the player that acts first on both Sixth and Seventh is the player who has the highest value of the four face-up cards they hold. These last two rounds have much bigger betting limits which can lead to very exciting climaxes to the games.

Two Major Differences

There are many smaller differences to Texas Hold ‘Em, as should be apparent to you by reading this brief description of the game, however there are two major differences I would like to bring to your attention. The first being the fact that there is no flop or river as in Hold ‘Em, and everyone has their own set of cards. Because of this (the second difference), you can see a lot of the other players cards which mean that you can more easily come to the decision of whether to fold or not, because you can see if someone else has the cards you need.

Seven-Card Stud is a great variation of poker that when you get to grips with its differences and similarities, becomes a very rewarding experience.

A Look at the Best Poker Tournaments in the World

poker_tournamentsWhen people hear the world gambling, the majority will conjure up in the daydreamy bubble above their heads images of ruby red, rolling dice; men in white suits saying ‘Hit me’; and a green, fuzzy, round poker table (with an added Bond villain for a touch of pizzazz). Poker and gambling are almost synonymous for millions of people the world over, and with such a popular game, there are equally popular tournaments where the crème de la crème can travel the world and play for the chance to add even more zeros to their already bulging bank accounts. So today, I thought I’d take a look at some of the biggest, most popular – and most importantly – lavish poker tournaments in the world.

The PokeStars Caribbean Adventure

Where would you go on your dream vacation? I’m assuming that 80% of you have just shouted the name of an exclusive resort on some Caribbean island. Don’t lie. What’s more glamorous than lounging around on a Caribbean island with a juicy cocktail in one hand and a wad of cash in the other? You might want to try and win as much as possible as early as possible here, so that you can enjoy the bright white sand and dark red bars for as long as the event lasts.

The Latin American Poker Tour

Keeping with the hot and sweaty poker tournament theme, we now journey across to Brazil where the best events of the Latin American tour happens. There is rarely any place on Earth I’d rather be than Brazil when Carnival hits. The streets are filled with colour, samba, and booze. The beaches are overflowing with joviality and parties and the place seems utopian. Now, the tour doesn’t always perfectly line up with the Carnival, however it’s always nearby and that atmosphere has a long build-up and an even longer afterglow. You don’t know life until you’ve lived through a Brazilian Carnival!

Aussie Millions

Don’t let its simple scratch-card-style name fool you, the Aussie Millions is big business. If you love Australia and their laid back, laissez-faire attitude, then take a trip down under to the Sothern Hemisphere’s hottest poker tournament. Although, try not to be nibbled on by a crocodile whilst spending your newly earned dollars!

World Poker Series

Now we get to the Mac Daddy of poker events. Setting itself up in that glitzy temple of gambling, Las Vegas, the World Poker Series descends from the heavens every summer and is every poker fans dream event. Now, the hot and humid Nevada desert in summer may not be your idea of a good time, but if you like poker, you can’t afford not to be there.

There are always smaller events for those with a smaller pile of funds, or for people who dislike the hot, humid, tourist-infested areas of the world. After the recent success of the Norwegian Championships in Dublin last month, I foresee a definite rise in the popularity of these smaller gatherings, that may soon grow to rival the big daddies listed here.

Five Amusing Online Slots to Play When You’re Bored

During the last decade, iGaming software providers have been spoiling gamblers with an abundance of technologically advanced, high-definition, feature-rich slots. We could not have imagined such vast quantities of games to be at the tip of our fingertips at all times, let alone for the quality to keep up with frequent, almost daily releases. While most of us are perfectly happy having seemingly inexhaustible resources to power up years of non-stop gaming entertainment, others have a difficult time deciding between so many products. Faced with an almost impossible choice, they often get bored and give up all too soon. To ease the burden for such players, we can suggest five excellent games right from the top of our heads: visually outstanding, these spinning editions go above and beyond standard slots both in terms of fun factor and winning potential.

Castle Builder

Build Castles, Pick Suitors and Get Instant Cash! This is how the slot’s ingenious developer, Rabcat, sums up the idea behind the engaging game-play. The medieval-themed mishmash resembles a turn-based strategy on the most basic level, while also borrowing concepts from action adventures as one of the most popular gaming genres. It might sound complicated, but it is in truth a simple, fast-paced slot that continually provides new reasons to keep advancing and claiming bigger and better prizes.

If you enjoy games that motivate players through personal achievements, this is probably the one for you. The player takes on a role of a royal mason, who must impress monarch to win over their dashing daughters. Starting as a poor citizen, you can prove your construction skills and build more than 30 castles, eventually reaching the highest status with achievement medals and exclusive rewards.

NRVNA: The Nxt Experience

A strange name for a strange game. Transcend earthly bounds and discover the secrets of the universe – a tempting suggestion by NetEnt to all players wishing to experience something different and new. Set in deep space, the reels feature glowing symbols on a deep blue backdrop littered with stars. As with all Net Entertainment games, the graphics, design and sounds meet the expectations of modern-day players. Perfectly calm and soothing, it speeds up the pace only when wilds and multipliers enter the screen for those lucky enough to trigger them. Big wins are definitely possible, but if you focus too much on chasing matching symbols and elusive scatters, the game somehow losses its charm.

Hot as Hades

Good old Microgaming rarely makes a bad game, and Hot as Hades is anything but. Don’t let its cartoonish design turn you off – this particular animation style goes really well with the mythological subplot. Whimsical main character sports a flaming hairdo and a feisty persona, taking players on a journey through Ancient Greece, on a quest for the coveted Crystal Skull. But first, you’ll have to conquer four difficult levels with mischievous Medusa, Poseidon and Zeus doing everything in their power to keep the main prize safely hidden away. Take down the Pillars of Awesomeness, resist Medusa’s Gaze, traverse Poseidon’s Ocean and climb a long set of Zeus’ Stairs to reach a mysterious chamber where one final choice will decide your fate.

Immortal Romance

This 243-line slot remains a favorite Microgaming release of many seasoned gamblers. Its seemingly endless potential never falters, no matter how long you have been spinning the blood red reels. A love story between a human and a vampire may sound corny, but once you start playing the theme feels like the freshest concept you have ever come across. Abundant features combine to deliver massive winning potential, and if you dedicate enough time and patience, your balance will surely soar.

Persevere until you’ve unlocked all four characters one after the other: Amber, Sarah, Michael and Troy. It is only then that the game truly shines, rising to its fame and glory in the gaming community. New bonus rounds become available, but what you really want is the rare and elusive Wild Desire. If you’re incredibly lucky, this feature can turn all five reels into wilds, generating some of the largest wins the world of slots has ever known.

Big Bad Wolf

Based on the Three Little Pigs folktale, the game introduces an entirely unique, and by now easily recognizable, Quickspin artwork style. Sharp and crispy, the slot works wonders with a simple concept of tumbling wilds. This key feature compliments the theme and brings out the best this title has to offer. Unlike in the original fairytale, here you’ll actually be rooting for the big bad wolf to blow down the house. Once the Moon is up, the real action starts with wild pigs, extra free spins and lots of multipliers. If you can somehow make all of these features to combine on the screen, this will undoubtedly be a game to remember. You can always rely on Quickspin to produce fun, easy and rewarding slots, and Big Bad Wolf has more than enough potential to make any player happy.

Gambling is Not (Only) About Luck

Is it even possible to win at gambling? If you are like most cautious people, who go through life taking little risk, the notion of prosperity seems incompatible with any sort of gambling. But ask any capable poker player for example, and you’ll get an entirely different opinion: Of course it’s possible! And we have to agree – you can stake cash on a game, and get more of it in return, by some divine providence. Or is it experience? Maybe skill? It is actually the combination of all three factors. Luck is the only thing that defies intervention, but anyone can come up with the other two. And if you’re planning to gamble, better get to it now.

Choose Casinos Wisely

Experience can mean many things in the broader context of gaming. The knowledge you gain through exposure to games of chance and skill, should encompass every aspect of this activity, starting from where you play, to what, and finally, how. It takes time to learn about the rich and complicated world of casinos, but the investment in time and effort pays off multifold in the end.

Chances are you’ll be gambling online, which has its advantages, but it is also dangerous. For inexperienced players, there’s no such thing as casual fun when it comes to virtual casino operators. You have to always be on point about the services on offer – who owns the site, is it licensed, what other players say about them, do they pay winnings, can they be trusted? These are all important questions you should be asking before depositing money at a casino. Doing a thorough background check, which includes reading all terms and conditions no matter how convoluted or boring they are, will save your behind from predatory, pretend casinos who are only in the business for easy money obtained through cheating naïve customers. Internet is amazing in many ways, but it is also a bottomless hole where all kinds of criminals hide all too easy.

To Slot or Not to Slot?

Next is the choice of games. It’s the same here as with any other type of gaming: you are either that guy, or that other kind of guy. Meaning you will naturally gravitate towards a certain sort of game, and in all probability stick to it until the end of your gambling days. When it comes to profit over entertainment, however, there are better and worse choices.

Most skilled card players would never touch slots, and for good reasons too. Slots are easy to play, precisely because they require little to no thought or skill. The gameplay is fast-paced and straightforward: make a bet and press the spin button. Since each spin costs money, you can imagine how quickly they can empty your bankroll. But not to offend slot fans, some games do allow a rudimentary sort of strategy to be used, even though they prove unreliable most of the time. Luck is, in the end, the only thing that counts when it comes to reels. If you’re drawn to slots, it’s best to pick the simplest ones you can find: three reel, old-fashioned machines are your safest bet.

Those Tricky Cards

Card games, on the other hand, are mostly skill-based, and can provide much more winning potential for players who know what they are doing. You can’t hit the tables clueless – practice, practice and more practice is needed until you’re finally confident enough to take on the challenges of blackjack or poker. Fortunately, there are is so many educational casino directories available online, completely eliminating the hit and miss adventures older, pre-internet generations had to go through.

Best Tips for Online Casino Players

True fans of gambling will often say there’s more to it than just winning by chance. Beating the odds and seeing your efforts pay off multiple times the amount staked is a memorable feeling we all seek to relive over and over again. But the thrills of scoring a prize against all the odds are not the only reason we return to our favorite gaming parlors – more often than not, it’s the atmosphere and the game itself that calls all passionate players, not the outcome. Many hard-core casino goers are reluctant to try gambling on the internet, even though it can be as much fun as any venue on land. In fact, online casinos have unique advantages that, if used correctly, can far outweigh any reasons you might have not to place a wager or two on virtual slot machines or card games. If anything, there are many more of those to be found in cyberspace stuffed on the floor of the most substantial brick and mortar hall. Technology has come far and the kind of advanced products major developers offer today can make the best live destinations pale in comparison with a well-built, equipped and optimized website. Once you go online, you won’t have it any other way – it’s comfy, convenient and quick.

The only thing to worry about is safety. At a land casino, earnings are paid directly into your hands, and it’s clear there are a license and legal background to every physical establishment operating gambling machines and serving drinks. The situation is a bit more complicated with internet venues – just because they exist, doesn’t mean they are allowed to or even that they are trustworthy. World wide web is an immense and murky domain where criminals can easily hide, and many rogue operators use this fact to cheat inexperienced players, lure them with false promises only to confiscate their deposits and winnings, or simply disappear into thin air never to be heard from again. If this happens, there’s very little you can do to get your money back. That is why finding a decent site with a good reputation is an imperative for any online player.

Look for a License

Though internet wagering faces many obstacles on its way to legal recognition, there are many regions where it is entirely legal and regulated, and some others where it is neither allowed nor banned, so players can decide what to do on their own. Having this in mind, e-gaming licensing is a complicated subject, but despite this, there are several jurisdictions emerging as internationally recognized regulators whose permits are widely accepted.

The Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission are the oldest and most reputable regulators in the industry. Both are very strict when it comes to potential licensees, who they present with a long list of requirements to meet before being considered an applicant. Operators who wish to obtain permits from either one of the regulators must prove their experience, competence and financial standing as viable for iGaming. Furthermore, they must pay high starting and annual fees and continually oblige to every rule as long as they intend to stay patrons and avoid penalties.

Look for such a license when choosing a site to trust with your time and money – it may not be a 100% guarantee you won’t get the short end of the stick eventually, but that is the closest you will get to the safety of land-based venues.

Player Experiences

No one likes being cheated, and any online player who had this happened to them will make sure the community has awareness. Gamblers are very active and vocal on social media and internet portals, talking about their experiences, exchanging tips and giving first-hand advice. Every aspiring newcomer to iGaming should join the community for valuable knowledge provided by those who’ve been there before and learned the hard way.

Those with negative experiences are always the first to come forth and warn others, so it’s highly likely you will learn about all rogue operators and predatory casinos even before depositing for the first time.

Terms of Service

Unlike live casinos, internet venues must offer customers a chance to agree or disagree with their terms of service before allowing them to register an account. Terms and conditions are the small and tightly packed print we usually skip to speed up the registration process and then forget all about it until it’s too late. This is a big mistake and you don’t want to find out why only after you’ve already paid a high price. House rules are there for a reason, and you better believe it’s for the benefit of an operator rather than yours. It is this document that contains all that a casino can and cannot do in a given situation, and also what you as a customer can expect. Don’t be surprised if you find specific shady rules and requirements specially designed to keep customers from winning or cashing out. But when diligent and careful, every player will thoroughly read through as many pages as needed to avoid dealing with black market groups disguised as good guys.

Test The Waters: Casinos With No Deposit Bonuses

Casinos With No Deposit Bonuses

Test The Waters: Casinos With No Deposit BonusesSummary: Here are a few casinos offering FREE bonuses, allowing you to try them out and get a feel for the play, without asking for a deposit. If you’re shopping around for a new online casino experience, give these 3 a try!

Maybe you’ve been curious and you’re thinking of trying out an online casino. You’ve been to real, brick-and-mortar casinos and your no novice but you’re a bit worried about giving your information to a casino before you know how it operates. Problem solved.

LeoVegas Casino (more…)

Genesys Club Bonuses March 2018

Genesys Club Bonus Promotions for March 2018

Genesys Club Bonuses March 2018Genesys Club Bonuses March 2018 – Bonus Promotions Schedule

Enjoy all the monthly bonus promotions from our partners at Genesys Club!

They offer our visitors all of the great bonuses found below for use in their Genesys Club Casinos.

Check back each day for more bonus promotions coming your way!

So let’s get started, First up is a…. (more…)

Free Bets – No Deposit Offers

Free Bets – No Deposit Offers – The Best and Latest No Deposit Free Bets

Free Bets - No Deposit OffersReaders of this site will know that most online casinos will offer some sort of incentive to get started – that’s a given.

You will either receive some sort of boost to your deposit, or a no deposit offer of cash or free spins.

Sportsbooks, on the other hand, will normally require a deposit before you can get your hands on some bonus cash or free bet. (more…)

Genesys Club Bonuses January 2018

Genesys Club Bonus Promotions for January 2018

Genesys Club Bonuses January 2018Genesys Club Bonuses January 2018 – Bonus Promotions Schedule

Enjoy all the monthly bonus promotions from our partners at Genesys Club!

They offer our visitors all of the great bonuses found below for use in their Genesys Club Casinos.

Check back each day for more bonus promotions coming your way!

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Is 2018 the year of Mobile Gambling?

Mobile Gambling in 2018

Is 2018 the year of Mobile GamblingMobile gambling is big business with an estimated market value of over $41 billion dollars. This figure is set to at least double during 2018-2020. So is 2018 the year of Mobile Gambling?

Mobile gambling covers any wager placed on the outcome of a game, sporting event or lottery. Having taken off in the late 2000’s, mobile gambling is still relatively young.

However, rapid development has led to it becoming one of the fastest growing gambling sectors.

Who is gambling on their mobile?


AskGamblers’ Gambling Guide

The AskGamblers’ Gambling Guide Is an Insider’s Look Into The World of Online Gambling

AskGamblers' Gambling GuideAskGamblers is a website known for breaking barriers, and talking about the types of things that help online gamblers, even when it annoys the casinos.

AskGamblers has made a name for themselves by offering independent and unbiased reviews of the countless casino websites out there, in order to help players determine which ones are worth playing on, and which ones should be avoided at all costs.

The Gambling Guide by AskGamblers is an extension of the resources and advice they’ve already compiled over the years, it is comprised of everything a new player needs to know, and (more…)

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The Debate of Online Vs. Land Based Casinos

Online Casino Offers and Bonuses

Online casino offers and bonusesSince 1996, the popularity of online casinos has been growing. Now they are in a position to be compared with the traditional land based casinos. For many, online casinos seem like the perfect fit while others prefer the old way of gambling.

Online Casinos:

If we talk about convenience and comfort, then online casinos seems to fulfill these criteria the best. You don’t need to dress a particular way or follow a particular behavior pattern while playing this way. You can play however you want and wherever you want. (more…)