Online Slots for Real Money USA

Should you be a fan of slot games, you’ve come to the correct location. This article will provide all the information you need about engaging in online slots for actual cash. As opposed to conventional physical casinos, online slots eliminate the need for you to physically move from one place to another, a process that can be tiresome and time-consuming.

And the best bit is that like regular brick and mortar slots, online slots offer you an opportunity of hitting the jackpot. This is music to the ears of many. But before you jump on any online slot you come across, read this piece to the end. You need to learn the basics of online slots first before you can make them bend to your will.

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Do People Really Win On Online Slots?

Yes, they do. And the internet is flooded with their stories.

And in case you think they are just marketing gimmicks to reel you in, here a short list of some of the most moving wins the industry has had.

Clearly, slots have been turning lives around for people for decades. How about you get in on it too?

But before you do, it’s important to learn everything there is to slots – it’s the only way you can be confident and leverage it to your advantage.

Types of Online Slots

There are loads of different online slots US players can wager on and win big. Each variation comes with unique gaming experience, bonus rounds, and features.

Here are some internet slots that could catapult you to riches.

  • Online Video Slots – these provide a storytelling experience. These slots have storylines. They are often based on TV series and Movies. They have many pay lines and sport more than 243 possible ways to win. This increases your chances of winning.
  • 3D Real Slot – they are also video slots but in 3D. They offer an immersive experience. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of these in the industry. However, there are several that are popular with American Punters.
  • Classic 3-Reel Slot – these have both free and real money slots. They look like those found on and based casinos. They have 3 reels and a single pay line. Usually, the symbols are fruits.
  • Progressive Jackpots – these are super exciting. They are also responsible for turning many Americans into millionaires. The jackpot accumulates with every wager on specific games.

How Do We Choose the Best Online Casino with Real Money Slots

Best Software Supplier

Birds of a feather flock together. This is true for online casinos and software suppliers. The best online casinos in the industry partner with the best software providers in the industry.

So while picking the best online casino for real money slots is tricky business, you can settle for picking a slot with high payouts and work your way backward. We’ve done extensive research on each software company that created the games and ensure the online casino you choose to play at is reputable. Some of the best slot developing companies includes; NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, and RTG.

Large slot bonuses

Casinos use welcoming deposit bonuses and promotions to get players to sign up and interested in the long haul. Some online casinos have special bonuses tailored for slot games. We factor this in when deciding which ones to recommend.

Safe and fast deposit methods

Unfortunately, not all payment options are secure. The right online casino should be concerned with keeping your financial details safe and your identity private.  We only work recommend casinos whose payment methods have been tried and tested over time.

More to this, the processing time should be fast. You don’t want to be stuck with a casino that takes weeks to process a deposit or a withdrawal.

Casino Licensing

Licensing is also taken into consideration.  Licensing authorities are tasked with the responsibility of overseeing and testing casinos for security and fairness. The licensing authorities include Alderney, Panama, Costa Rica, Isle of Man, Malta, Antigua, and the UK.

Online Slots with the Highest Return to Players (RTP)

Slot Machine House Advantage Maximum Win Game Platform
1.28 % x 20000 Multi Slot Casinos
1.53 % x 5000 Multi Slot Casinos
1.86 % x 300 Gameplay Interactive
1.98 % x 400 Rival
1.98 % x 500 SYNOT Games
1.995 % x 200 Gluck Games
2 % x 30000 Net Entertainment
2 % x 200 SYNOT Games
2 % x 25000 Mobilots
2 % x 2500 Mobilots

Real Money Online Slots FAQ

Is there a Secret to Winning Slot Jackpots?

Well, to some the strategy might be a secret. But honestly, it’s really common sense. You simply choose the best casino with competitive payout percentages. Your chances of winning a jackpot figure are higher with high payouts.

But more to this, you need to understand if the wager you’ve placed qualifies you for the jackpot. On some slots, you need to wager the maximum amount to stand a chance of winning the jackpot.

It would be a shame if you disqualified yourself by not meeting the minimum wager requirements.

Are there ‘good’ times to play slots?

Yes.  A good time to play slots is when the RTP (Return To Player) is greater than 100%.  To determine when slots have reached this point use this tracker.

Can I play real money slots on my phone?

Of course, you can. And actually, the number of mobile compatible real money slots is growing by the day. Log in to your casino’s via your mobile and play your favorite slot.

Do free play and real money slots have the same percentage payout?

No, they don’t.

Online casinos will always provide this information. The percentages vary with every slot and are displayed before every spin. These percentages tell you how much you can win if the spin is successful.

Usually, free spins don’t display the percentage payouts. And since no real money is in play, there is really no need to.

We wish you luck in your pursuit of a jackpot. With the above knowledge, you stand a better chance of winning now than before. We hope we’ve been helpful and will be part of your success story soon.