Gambling’s Greatest Gambling Legends

Gambling Legends

Gambling’s Greatest Legends

Gambling Legends are an eccentric breed of Gamblers. Some of the ‘Gambling Legends’ we write about here are what the casinos refer to as “Whales”, the kind of gambler who has a bankroll big enough to put the fear of God into any casino executive! We talk about whales and high rollers but really there are only a few true whales in the world that can shake the foundations of “the house” like no other.

Here in our ‘Gambling Legends’ section you’ll find stories about some of Gambling’s Biggest Wins, Longest Runs and Legends who almost broke the casino bank. Some of these Whales were known well enough that when they walked into the casino they parted the crowds, while others were low-key.

Most of these legends became famous due to them winning bet after bet at game after game and their stories have been told over and over and over again. Some of the stories get better every time they are told!  On the other hand, there’s one or two Legends who became famous for not only winning huge amounts of gambling money and jackpots but for also that much and more back, sometimes in the same session!

And then there’s the story of a Legend who almost brought down ‘The House’ and ‘Broke the Bank’ when he discovered a pattern. The pattern he had discovered was thought to be an imbalance to some degree, biased toward one side, toward certain numbers. Had he discovered the Casino’s weakness? These are the Gambling Gurus versions of the Gambling Legends stories. Enjoy!

Vegas High Rollers Gambling | Louis Theroux

Vegas High Rollers Gambling | Louis Theroux

Posted in Gambling Videos, Las Vegas.

This video documentary, although aged is still a very interesting piece of documented Vegas High Rollers video history. Back in ... Read more

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