Gambling’s Greatest Gambling Legends

Gambling Legends

Gambling’s Greatest Legends

Gambling Legends are an eccentric breed of Gamblers. Some of the ‘Gambling Legends’ we write about here are what the casinos refer to as “Whales”, the kind of gambler who has a bankroll big enough to put the fear of God into any casino executive! We talk about whales and high rollers but really there are only a few true whales in the world that can shake the foundations of “the house” like no other.

Here in our ‘Gambling Legends’ section you’ll find stories about some of Gambling’s Biggest Wins, Longest Runs and Legends who almost broke the casino bank. Some of these Whales were known well enough that when they walked into the casino they parted the crowds, while others were low-key.

Most of these legends became famous due to them winning bet after bet at game after game and their stories have been told over and over and over again. Some of the stories get better every time they are told!  On the other hand, there’s one or two Legends who became famous for not only winning huge amounts of gambling money and jackpots but for also that much and more back, sometimes in the same session!

And then there’s the story of a Legend who almost brought down ‘The House’ and ‘Broke the Bank’ when he discovered a pattern. The pattern he had discovered was thought to be an imbalance to some degree, biased toward one side, toward certain numbers. Had he discovered the Casino’s weakness? These are the Gambling Gurus versions of the Gambling Legends stories. Enjoy!

Archie Karas

Archie Karas

Gambling Legend Archie Karas was a High-Roller, Poker Player and Pool Shark, who managed to make an astonishing amount of money in what became known as "The Run". After arriving in America Archie Karas took a job in a Los Angeles restaurant, which happened to sit right next to a bowling alley and pool hall. He honed his skills at pool...
Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger | Roulette Take Down II

Table five saw Joseph Jagger start with odd/even bets for an hour or two, eventually switching to center column and heavy on the 'odd'. He laid waste to over a thousand francs before moving to table three. He tipped the Croupier 500 while asking if it were advisable to bet heavy on '0' and bulk up all splits, neighbors and corners.
Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger | Roulette Take Down

When Joseph Jagger arrived on July 6, 1875 he was feeling trepidations, but any doubts were easily drowned by his determination to break the bank at Monte Carlo. At the age of 46 his productive years were almost behind him and he wasn't about to matriculate to a desk upstairs at the Mill or retire early only to wither in some dank corner of the...
Johnny Moss

Johnny Moss

Having chosen to go all out for gambling alone, Johnny Moss had it tough in the early years while searching for Oil rich poker games with big bankrolls. A roughneck job at Texaco presented Johnny with the long sought opportunity, and before long he was up with a fat bankroll. With a decent sized bankroll now, Johnny decided to give...
Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson

Brunson did not only create amazing strides playing professional poker, he also created amazing records in the field of poker writing. One of the most authoritative poker books "Super System: How I Made One Million Dollars Playing Poker", which was first published in 1978, is his work. The book unlocks the top poker winning secrets of...
Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel

Bugsy Siegel II

Bugsy loved aristocracy, flamboyance, and the high-class life of extravagance. He was to find these in the highest circles of the Hollywood where he befriended the celebrities, the stars and the dazzling women of the time.
Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel

Bugsy Siegel

His was the story of money, flamboyance, and passion for big businesses - transforming the sandy desert plain of the Vegas Valley into a Gambling Mecca of some sort, with a multibillion-dollar value. It was a story of a man loved by all his employees for his generosity. However, beyond the façade, Benjamin (aka: Bugsy) Siegel was one of the deadliest figures of his time.
Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer Tribute

Kerry Packer's exploits are legendary. Like the High-Limit Room rumors of this gambling behemoth signing several markers one night for at least 6 million while sitting in one of Vegas' finest casinos...Now that's not going to put the house in jeopardy but it's reported that Mr. Packer would play in the $500 to $1,000 per hand range until he was winning then up his bets to as much as...
John Aspinall

John Aspinall

The people invited to Aspinall's tables were not the type in need of credit cards. The standard bet was today's equivalent of roughly £25,000. The games were quick, with one played every 30 seconds, with £50,000 exchanging hands per game. With his 5% cut Aspinall made the modern equivalent of a quarter of a million pounds on his first evening...

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