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Gambling Gurus offer our visitors approximately 22 online lotteries from around the world to choose from and play! Some of these online lotteries feature multi-million dollar jackpots, regular rollovers and odds of winning. Here are the hottest lotteries on the planet right now:   Mega Millions Lottery and Powerball Lottery

By signing-up and using one of our “Messenger Service Agents” listed below, you can purchase online lottery tickets to play in some of the largest and most exciting national lottery games from around the world.

Online Lotteries Service Agents offer a safe, reliable and secure service that is backed up by a 100% percent satisfaction guarantee. Their local messenger service agents physically go to lottery retailers and buy tickets on your behalf and send you a scanned copy to your customer account. And when you win, whether it’s $5 or $50 Million or more, you keep every single penny of the lottery prize, (after taxes of course).

You’re also able to speak to one of their dedicated, customer service team members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using one of the Service Agents listed below is even easier than going to your local lottery agent yourself. Unlike conventional lottery players, you won’t have to be present to buy a ticket at a lottery retail store .

You can use one of the  messenger service agents listed below to purchase your tickets (which includes email delivery of a scanned copy of your lottery tickets) using your credit card right from your computer.

The Official State and Multi-State Online Lotteries in the USA, such as the Powerball Lottery and the Mega Millions Lottery are incredibly popular worldwide, but are not normally accessible to you unless you live in or visit the USA. The same goes for national online lotteries in other Countries around the world.

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