Roulette Basic Strategy and Chance Odds

Fundamentals of Roulette Betting Strategy

Roulette Basic Strategy really is the game of games. From the invention of the wheel in the 1600’s by Blaise Pascal to the Blanc brothers introducing it in the first Monte Carlo casino in the mid 1800’s, to the perfectly unbiased ‘wheels’ we find online today, roulette is a game that has stood the test of time.

It’s not a complicated game to play, but you can make it complicated by not knowing Roulette Basic Strategy and by spreading your risk all over the table.

You can also simply gamble all day on a small bankroll by betting odd or even, black or red.

What makes roulette basic strategy so exciting for some people is the fact that you can totally control your risks versus your rewards. Bet a single number for a 35:1 payout, or bet odd/even, black/red for even money. Or split that variance so it leans more to risk or more to a safe bet by spreading your bets out.

In its original form, Roulette Basic Strategy, the roulette table and wheel have thirty six numbers and a zero. In the American version there is an extra zero space, a ’00’ added to increase the house edge, or advantage over the player. Half of the numbers are black and the other half red, as well half are even numbers and half are odd.

If the table and wheel did not have zero(s) it would be ‘even money’, or a break even game. But on average the house is going to win one out of 37 times on a single zero table. The easiest way to look at this is to imagine placing a one dollar bet on each of the 36 numbers and the zero. Any number that comes up is going to pay you your original bet back plus 35:1 or an extra $35. But it cost you $37 to place a dollar on each place for a loss of one dollar or a house edge of 1/37 or 2.7%

Roulette Basic Strategy Wagering is done by either placing an inside bet, an outside bet, or a combination bet.

Roulette Betting StrategiesAn inside bet is any wager placed inside the grid; a straight up bet on a single number (35:1), a split bet where you are betting on two adjacent numbers (17:1), a street bet which is three numbers in a row (11:1), a corner bet which covers four numbers by placing your chip on the intersection (8:1) or a six line bet which is two streets of three which are adjoining for a payout of 5:1

An outside bet has less risk and therefore less reward, but allows for longer play time.

Outside bets consist of betting that the ball will land on a number between 1 and 18, or 19-36 or red or black, or odd or even. All of these bets pay 1:1 which means you will double your money each time you win a wager in this roulette basic strategy bet.

Other outside bets include the ‘dozen bet’ where you wager on 1-12 or 13-24 or 25-36 for a payout of 2:1 and the column bet where you choose all the numbers in a column such as middle column (2-35) This bet also pays 2:1.

As you get comfortable with the game you can mix up your risks doing some inside bets and some outside bets on the same spin. It’s simple to place a wager. Choose your chip size, place the chip where you want to, and hit the ‘spin’ button.

Math really is your friend in roulette basic strategy betting. With a little research you can easily see that the odds are the odds, no matter what. That means the house edge, or advantage, is written in stone. No ‘roulette basic strategy’ can possibly outsmart the fact that the table and wheel are set to 37:1, so no hoodoo-voodoo Roulette Basic Strategy is ever going to make you rich on the game. Luck can though!

You might ask yourself just what you want from a session before you determine your bankroll. If you want to play a long time and hope to catch a random winning streak, by all means bet the outside bets.

If you want to try your luck at high variance/risk then bet the inside bets; your risk is greater but so will be your rewards if the gambling gods are favoring you! It usually takes a bigger bankroll to bet high risk, but not always… you can hit the big one on the first spin just as likely as you will on your last spin.

My favorite wager is heavy on 17, all corners and splits. Then I spread out my risk by betting on the middle column, the second dozen and odd. The risk is spread out enough that if I’m betting no more than 1/10 of my bankroll I have a chance to hit 17 for an awesome payout, or get out of the game when I’ve lost ½ my bankroll. That’s just me. I happen to love the game!

For more info on Roulette Betting, you may want to read our Advanced Roulette Betting Strategies article.

On a final note, if you think you can beat Roulette and roulette basic strategy with a betting system or some system your good buddy recommended to you…FORGET IT! It ain’t gonna happen, bottom line is that all of the so called Roulette Systems you see advertised on the internet are just simply bunk trash. There is no such thing as a true winning system to Roulette.

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