Atlantic City Trip – Midnite Cravings

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Midnite Cravings – Atlantic City Trip

Atlantic City Trip by Claire Voyant – Midnite Cravings

This Midnite Craving story is from my first Atlantic City Trip. I arrived late afternoon and just couldn’t wait to see the famous Boardwalk. I checked into my hotel room at Harrah’s Resort and was really surprised at how nice the room was. The hotel and casino were both huge, as most of the casino resorts that I had heard about on my Atlantic City Trip are.

It was a nice sunny day and I decided to take advantage of it before gambling by heading over to the Boardwalk. I strolled the length of it checking out all the nice shops along the ocean side and made a few mental notes of where I may want to drop a few dollars the next day.

I also learned a few fascinating facts about the History of Atlantic City and the Boardwalk while strolling along.

Ok enough about the Boardwalk for now. My midnight craving came after I had returned from sightseeing. It was now getting close to midnight after I had spent more time than I had planned over at the other Boardwalk Casinos and I was thinking of how well I was going to sleep that night. I entered the hotel and the sounds of the slot machines coming from the casino could be heard all over.

I knew then that I couldn’t resist giving them a try before I retired for the night on my first Atlantic City Trip. I hurried up to my room to get freshened up a bit and even though I was ready for bed, the sound of the slots had already summoned me. I had to go back down to try my luck. I gave myself a limit of $500 to try for this late midnight craving and then I was going back up to my room to bed.

Once I was back down on the casino floor I went into what they call the High Limit area of the casino. I stuck a $100 bill into one of the $5 slot machines and tried my luck. To my amazement, I hit it for a $1,200 Jackpot! HELLO! 🙂

Now, here comes the crazy craving part. Not far from where I was playing, I saw a $100 slot machine with my name on it, lol. I had always wanted to try one, so I thought why the hell not.

One $100 bet would be awesome on my first Atlantic City Trip I thought. So after I was paid out the $1,200 win by a slot attendant I proceeded over to the $100 Triple Diamond Slot Machine. I stuck a $100 bill into the machine and pressed the spin button. I lost my $100 bet. Ok, I thought lets try one more spin…..I’d still be up $1,000 from my Jackpot Win, Right?

Atlantic City Trip

$6K Triple Diamond Win!

So I stuck another $100 bill in the machine and tried it again and hit a Triple Diamond symbol for $200!

I once again decided to press my luck by then hitting the Bet 2 (max coins) button.

The third spin was certainly a charm as to my amazement and surprise I hit for a $6,000 Jackpot!

I freaking jumped for joy at that point when I realized how much I had just won! I had always wanted to try the $100 machines and it paid off.

After being hand paid a jackpot win once again by an attendant, I then took my Atlantic City Trip winnings and headed to my room. I was going to sleep good tonight, for sure.

So do you guys think that I hit the casino floor the next morning feeling lucky?

If you guessed No, then you’re right….

I’m all woman, so after being served breakfast in bed by a good looking hunk from room service, I got ready and headed back over to some of the cool stores that I had checked out the previous day and went on a serious shopping spree on the Boardwalk.

My shopping addiction was stronger than my gambling urge. I’m a woman, remember… and most all women love to go shopping!






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