A Look at the Best Poker Tournaments in the World

Added on April 18, 2018, in Gambling Articles by Gambling Gurus

When people hear the world gambling, the majority will conjure up in the daydreamy bubble above their heads images of ruby red, rolling dice; men in white suits saying ‘Hit me’; and a green, fuzzy, round poker table (with an added Bond villain for a touch of pizzazz). Poker and gambling are almost synonymous for millions of people the world over, and with such a popular game, there are equally popular tournaments where the crème de la crème can travel the world and play for the chance to add even more zeros to their already bulging bank accounts. So today, I thought I’d take a look at some of the biggest, most popular – and most importantly – lavish poker tournaments in the world.

The PokeStars Caribbean Adventure

Where would you go on your dream vacation? I’m assuming that 80% of you have just shouted the name of an exclusive resort on some Caribbean island. Don’t lie. What’s more glamorous than lounging around on a Caribbean island with a juicy cocktail in one hand and a wad of cash in the other? You might want to try and win as much as possible as early as possible here, so that you can enjoy the bright white sand and dark red bars for as long as the event lasts.

The Latin American Poker Tour

Keeping with the hot and sweaty poker tournament theme, we now journey across to Brazil where the best events of the Latin American tour happens. There is rarely any place on Earth I’d rather be than Brazil when Carnival hits. The streets are filled with color, samba, and booze. The beaches are overflowing with joviality and parties and the place seems utopian. Now, the tour doesn’t always perfectly line up with the Carnival, however, it’s always nearby and that atmosphere has a long build-up and an even longer afterglow. You don’t know life until you’ve lived through a Brazilian Carnival!

Aussie Millions

Don’t let its simple scratch-card-style name fool you, the Aussie Millions is big business. If you love Australia and their laid back, laissez-faire attitude, then take a trip down under to the Sothern Hemisphere’s hottest poker tournament. Although, try not to be nibbled on by a crocodile whilst spending your newly earned dollars!

World Poker Series

Now we get to the Mac Daddy of poker events. Setting itself up in that glitzy temple of gambling, Las Vegas, the World Poker Series descends from the heavens every summer and is every poker fans dream event. Now, the hot and humid Nevada desert in summer may not be your idea of a good time, but if you like poker, you can’t afford not to be there.

There are always smaller events for those with a smaller pile of funds, or for people who dislike the hot, humid, tourist-infested areas of the world. After the recent success of the Norwegian Championships in Dublin last month, I foresee a definite rise in the popularity of these smaller gatherings, that may soon grow to rival the big daddies listed here.