Best Tips for Online Casino Players

Added on March 28, 2018, in Gambling Articles by Gambling Gurus

True fans of gambling will often say there’s more to it than just winning by chance. Beating the odds and seeing your efforts pay off multiple times the amount staked is a memorable feeling we all seek to relive over and over again. But the thrills of scoring a prize against all the odds are not the only reason we return to our favorite gaming parlors – more often than not, it’s the atmosphere and the game itself that calls all passionate players, not the outcome. Many hard-core casino goers are reluctant to try gambling on the internet, even though it can be as much fun as any venue on land. In fact, online casinos have unique advantages that, if used correctly, can far outweigh any reasons you might have not to place a wager or two on virtual slot machines or card games. If anything, there are many more of those to be found in cyberspace stuffed on the floor of the most substantial brick and mortar hall. Technology has come far and the kind of advanced products major developers offer today can make the best live destinations pale in comparison with a well-built, equipped and optimized website. Once you go online, you won’t have it any other way – it’s comfy, convenient and quick.

The only thing to worry about is safety. At a land casino, earnings are paid directly into your hands, and it’s clear there are a license and legal background to every physical establishment operating gambling machines and serving drinks. The situation is a bit more complicated with internet venues – just because they exist, doesn’t mean they are allowed to or even that they are trustworthy. World wide web is an immense and murky domain where criminals can easily hide, and many rogue operators use this fact to cheat inexperienced players, lure them with false promises only to confiscate their deposits and winnings, or simply disappear into thin air never to be heard from again. If this happens, there’s very little you can do to get your money back. That is why finding a decent site with a good reputation is an imperative for any online player.

Look for a License

Though internet wagering faces many obstacles on its way to legal recognition, there are many regions where it is entirely legal and regulated, and some others where it is neither allowed nor banned, so players can decide what to do on their own. Having this in mind, e-gaming licensing is a complicated subject, but despite this, there are several jurisdictions emerging as internationally recognized regulators whose permits are widely accepted.

The Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission are the oldest and most reputable regulators in the industry. Both are very strict when it comes to potential licensees, who they present with a long list of requirements to meet before being considered an applicant. Operators who wish to obtain permits from either one of the regulators must prove their experience, competence and financial standing as viable for iGaming. Furthermore, they must pay high starting and annual fees and continually oblige to every rule as long as they intend to stay patrons and avoid penalties.

Look for such a license when choosing a site to trust with your time and money – it may not be a 100% guarantee you won’t get the short end of the stick eventually, but that is the closest you will get to the safety of land-based venues.

Player Experiences

No one likes being cheated, and any online player who had this happened to them will make sure the community has awareness. Gamblers are very active and vocal on social media and internet portals, talking about their experiences, exchanging tips and giving first-hand advice. Every aspiring newcomer to iGaming should join the community for valuable knowledge provided by those who’ve been there before and learned the hard way.

Those with negative experiences are always the first to come forth and warn others, so it’s highly likely you will learn about all rogue operators and predatory casinos even before depositing for the first time.

Terms of Service

Unlike live casinos, internet venues must offer customers a chance to agree or disagree with their terms of service before allowing them to register an account. Terms and conditions are the small and tightly packed print we usually skip to speed up the registration process and then forget all about it until it’s too late. This is a big mistake and you don’t want to find out why only after you’ve already paid a high price. House rules are there for a reason, and you better believe it’s for the benefit of an operator rather than yours. It is this document that contains all that a casino can and cannot do in a given situation, and also what you as a customer can expect. Don’t be surprised if you find specific shady rules and requirements specially designed to keep customers from winning or cashing out. But when diligent and careful, every player will thoroughly read through as many pages as needed to avoid dealing with black market groups disguised as good guys.