Five Amusing Online Slots to Play When You’re Bored

Added on April 9, 2018, in Gambling Articles by Gambling Gurus

During the last decade, iGaming software providers have been spoiling gamblers with an abundance of technologically advanced, high-definition, feature-rich slots. We could not have imagined such vast quantities of games to be at the tip of our fingertips at all times, let alone for the quality to keep up with frequent, almost daily releases. While most of us are perfectly happy having seemingly inexhaustible resources to power up years of non-stop gaming entertainment, others have a difficult time deciding between so many products. Faced with an almost impossible choice, they often get bored and give up all too soon. To ease the burden for such players, we can suggest five excellent games right from the top of our heads: visually outstanding, these spinning editions go above and beyond standard slots both in terms of fun factor and winning potential.

Castle Builder

Build Castles, Pick Suitors and Get Instant Cash! This is how the slot’s ingenious developer, Rabcat, sums up the idea behind the engaging game-play. The medieval-themed mishmash resembles a turn-based strategy on the most basic level, while also borrowing concepts from action adventures as one of the most popular gaming genres. It might sound complicated, but it is in truth a simple, fast-paced slot that continually provides new reasons to keep advancing and claiming bigger and better prizes.

If you enjoy games that motivate players through personal achievements, this is probably the one for you. The player takes on a role of a royal mason, who must impress monarch to win over their dashing daughters. Starting as a poor citizen, you can prove your construction skills and build more than 30 castles, eventually reaching the highest status with achievement medals and exclusive rewards.

NRVNA: The Nxt Experience

A strange name for a strange game. Transcend earthly bounds and discover the secrets of the universe – a tempting suggestion by NetEnt to all players wishing to experience something different and new. Set in deep space, the reels feature glowing symbols on a deep blue backdrop littered with stars. As with all Net Entertainment games, the graphics, design and sounds meet the expectations of modern-day players. Perfectly calm and soothing, it speeds up the pace only when wilds and multipliers enter the screen for those lucky enough to trigger them. Big wins are definitely possible, but if you focus too much on chasing matching symbols and elusive scatters, the game somehow losses its charm.

Hot as Hades

Good old Microgaming rarely makes a bad game, and Hot as Hades is anything but. Don’t let its cartoonish design turn you off – this particular animation style goes really well with the mythological subplot. Whimsical main character sports a flaming hairdo and a feisty persona, taking players on a journey through Ancient Greece, on a quest for the coveted Crystal Skull. But first, you’ll have to conquer four difficult levels with mischievous Medusa, Poseidon and Zeus doing everything in their power to keep the main prize safely hidden away. Take down the Pillars of Awesomeness, resist Medusa’s Gaze, traverse Poseidon’s Ocean and climb a long set of Zeus’ Stairs to reach a mysterious chamber where one final choice will decide your fate.

Immortal Romance

This 243-line slot remains a favorite Microgaming release of many seasoned gamblers. Its seemingly endless potential never falters, no matter how long you have been spinning the blood red reels. A love story between a human and a vampire may sound corny, but once you start playing the theme feels like the freshest concept you have ever come across. Abundant features combine to deliver massive winning potential, and if you dedicate enough time and patience, your balance will surely soar.

Persevere until you’ve unlocked all four characters one after the other: Amber, Sarah, Michael and Troy. It is only then that the game truly shines, rising to its fame and glory in the gaming community. New bonus rounds become available, but what you really want is the rare and elusive Wild Desire. If you’re incredibly lucky, this feature can turn all five reels into wilds, generating some of the largest wins the world of slots has ever known.

Big Bad Wolf

Based on the Three Little Pigs folktale, the game introduces an entirely unique, and by now easily recognizable, Quickspin artwork style. Sharp and crispy, the slot works wonders with a simple concept of tumbling wilds. This key feature compliments the theme and brings out the best this title has to offer. Unlike in the original fairytale, here you’ll actually be rooting for the big bad wolf to blow down the house. Once the Moon is up, the real action starts with wild pigs, extra free spins and lots of multipliers. If you can somehow make all of these features to combine on the screen, this will undoubtedly be a game to remember. You can always rely on Quickspin to produce fun, easy and rewarding slots, and Big Bad Wolf has more than enough potential to make any player happy.