Free Bets – No Deposit Offers

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Free Bets – No Deposit Offers – The Best and Latest No Deposit Free Bets

Visitors to this website will be aware that a majority of online casinos usually provide some form of enticement for newcomers – that’s a certainty.

You will either receive some sort of boost to your deposit, or a no deposit offer of cash or free spins.

Sportsbooks, on the other hand, will normally require a deposit before you can get your hands on some bonus cash or free bet.



However, that is not always the case. From time to time online bookmakers can make an offer for a free bet with no deposit needed. These should be jumped on by savvy punters, as they offer a ‘no lose’ opportunity to make some cash. Check out our exclusives, which will keep you abreast of the latest free bet – no deposit offers as they become available.

How to Use a Free Bet Offer Wisely

The majority of free bets can be used on any sport that you like, so it is best to pick an event with the fewest possible outcomes, so you can ‘hedge your bets’. Try to stay away from outright bets, e.g. using your free bet on a team to win the World Cup, Stanley Cup or Champions League. There are too many variables, and you could also face a long wait for any payout. It is better to look at individual games and bet on the singular events within the game.

Free Bets - No Deposit Offers

The money line in US sports, or over/under markets in soccer are the best way to go in these situations. Take, for example, MLB. There are no draws in baseball, so if you are using your free bet on the match winner/money line you will only have two possible outcomes – win or lose. Moreover, some bookmakers will allow you to split your free bet, meaning you could portion out the bet on both outcomes and guarantee a profit.

Scrutinse the Markets Before Using a Free Bet

Over/under markets refer to a wide range of events in sports betting. In soccer it includes goals, corners, yellow cards and much more. Normally, bookmakers will use the theoretical number of (.5) to ensure that there are no draws. For example, a bet on over/under goals in a soccer match could offer 4/6 for under 3.5 and 7/4 for over 3.5. Three goals or fewer will win the first bet and four goals or more will win the second. Splitting 2 x $10 Free Bets on this would ensure a profit of $6.66 for the first and $17.50 for the second.

Be careful though, at times bookmakers will not use this system. For example, they could offer a market of 10/11 for 10 or fewer corners in the match and 10/11 for 12 or more. If, and it is likely to be the mean average, 11 corners is the final total, both free bets will be lost.

Two Free Bets are Better than One!

Free Bets - No Deposit Offers

An even better system is to take a free bet – no deposit offer from more than one bookmaker, allowing you to fully maximise your profit potential. There was a famous betting case well over a decade ago, which saw David Beckham priced at 6/4 with one major UK bookmaker to win 100 caps for England and 2/1 with another NOT to reach this milestone. Thus, smart punters could plough in on both events for guaranteed profit.

The lesson to take from this is that getting a free bet without a deposit shouldn’t be viewed solely as a ‘free hit’, but rather a useful tool to make some guaranteed profit.