Gambling is Not (Only) About Luck

Added on April 8, 2018, in Gambling Articles by Gambling Gurus

Is it even possible to win at gambling? If you are like most cautious people, who go through life taking little risk, the notion of prosperity seems incompatible with any sort of gambling. But ask any capable poker player for example, and you’ll get an entirely different opinion: Of course it’s possible! And we have to agree – you can stake cash on a game, and get more of it in return, by some divine providence. Or is it experience? Maybe skill? It is actually the combination of all three factors. Luck is the only thing that defies intervention, but anyone can come up with the other two. And if you’re planning to gamble, better get to it now.

Choose Casinos Wisely

Experience can mean many things in the broader context of gaming. The knowledge you gain through exposure to games of chance and skill, should encompass every aspect of this activity, starting from where you play, to what, and finally, how. It takes time to learn about the rich and complicated world of casinos, but the investment in time and effort pays off multifold in the end.

Chances are you’ll be gambling online, which has its advantages, but it is also dangerous. For inexperienced players, there’s no such thing as casual fun when it comes to virtual casino operators. You have to always be on point about the services on offer – who owns the site, is it licensed, what other players say about them, do they pay winnings, can they be trusted? These are all important questions you should be asking before depositing money at a casino. Doing a thorough background check, which includes reading all terms and conditions no matter how convoluted or boring they are, will save your behind from predatory, pretend casinos who are only in the business for easy money obtained through cheating naïve customers. Internet is amazing in many ways, but it is also a bottomless hole where all kinds of criminals hide all too easy.

To Slot or Not to Slot?

Next is the choice of games. It’s the same here as with any other type of gaming: you are either that guy, or that other kind of guy. Meaning you will naturally gravitate towards a certain sort of game, and in all probability stick to it until the end of your gambling days. When it comes to profit over entertainment, however, there are better and worse choices.

Most skilled card players would never touch slots, and for good reasons too. Slots are easy to play, precisely because they require little to no thought or skill. The gameplay is fast-paced and straightforward: make a bet and press the spin button. Since each spin costs money, you can imagine how quickly they can empty your bankroll. But not to offend slot fans, some games do allow a rudimentary sort of strategy to be used, even though they prove unreliable most of the time. Luck is, in the end, the only thing that counts when it comes to reels. If you’re drawn to slots, it’s best to pick the simplest ones you can find: three reel, old-fashioned machines are your safest bet.

Those Tricky Cards

Card games, on the other hand, are mostly skill-based, and can provide much more winning potential for players who know what they are doing. You can’t hit the tables clueless – practice, practice and more practice is needed until you’re finally confident enough to take on the challenges of blackjack or poker. Fortunately, there are is so many educational casino directories available online, completely eliminating the hit and miss adventures older, pre-internet generations had to go through.