Dice With Buddies

Added on July 27, 2016, in Board Games, Game Reviews by Gambling Gurus

Dice With Buddies – Board Games – Dice Games

Dice With Buddies combines the family fun of tabletop dice games with the just-one-more thrill of the best mobile games, creating a unique and addicting experience for all kinds of gaming fans.

Like many classic dice games, Dice With Buddies pits two players against each other in a battle to roll the best “hands”. The numbers you roll, when combined, will determine the type of hand you have, with stronger combinations winning out over weaker ones. Plays can come in the form of a Full House or a Straight, for example, with the better hand coming out on top.

Poker fans will feel right at home then, but so will lovers of classic board games. Dice With Buddies presents just the right mix of luck and skill to draw in players from across the board, no matter what kind of gaming experience they have.

The fun factor only increases with the assortment of unique modes, features and options that Dice With Buddies presents.

Multiplayer With Friends

Every game is better when you play with friends, and Dice With Buddies is no exception. It IS in the title, after all.

Dice With Buddies offers seamless Facebook integration, so anyone you’ve friended in the past can become a potential rival in the future.

You never know whether your next challenge might come from your best friend, your sibling, or someone you just met. And of course, you can feel free to send challenges to everyone on your friends list as well.

Bonus Games

Dice With Buddies already scratches the same itch as poker and blackjack, but hardcore casino fans might get an even bigger thrill from the bonus games.

Bonuses come in two forms: mini games and bonus rolls.

The mini games take the form of in-game scratchers, which you can swipe to scratch off in real time.

You never know what kind of amazing prizes you might uncover, and it feels great to wipe off a scratcher and get a huge in-game bonus.

The other bonus type is the coveted Bonus Roll.

Bonus Rolls give you an extra boost during gameplay when you need it, giving you an extra chance at scoring the hand you need to defeat your opponent.


The final pillar of Dice With Buddies is in-game customization.

With traditional board games and dice games, you have little to no control over the look and feel of your experience. The rules are the rules. In Dice With Buddies, though, you can collect custom dice that are full of personality and charm. This lets you put your own personal stamp on the gameplay, without giving players the chance to unbalance the core gameplay in their favor.


There isn’t much better than having fun over a few games with friends, and that’s exactly the experience offered by Dice With Buddies. With online connectivity, bonus scratchers and an emphasis on customization, Dice With Buddies successfully recreates the experience of sitting down around the table with your friends for just one more game.