Yahtzee with Buddies

Added on June 29, 2016, in Board Games, Game Reviews by Gambling Gurus

Yahtzee with Buddies – Board Games – Dice Games

Yahtzee with Buddies is a dice matching game based on Hasbro’s classic board games of the same name.

Just like the classic dice game, Yahtzee With Buddies is a two-player game played with five dice. Each player has three rolls to make dice hands that they then score using a note pad.

For example, a Large Straight (all five numbers in a row) is worth 40 points. A Full House (3 pair + 2 pair) is worth 25 points. A Yahtzee is when you match all 5 dice. That play is worth 50, plus an additional 50 for each additional one!

If you’re noticing similarities between Yahtzee and more traditional gambling games like poker, you’re not alone. It scratches the same itch as many of your favorite casino games, with a unique blend of luck and skill making every roll fun and exciting.

What makes Yahtzee with Buddies so much better than other dice games is the additional modes only available with this app.

Online Multiplayer

Challenge your friends near and far to a game of Yahtzee! This game contains pass-and-play if you want to play with someone nearby, as well as Wi-Fi, which allows you to play with friends across the globe. You can also play with random players based on your skill level.

Dice Duels

This is a gambling site, so naturally any app featured will have a way to bet! Whereas normal matches are just for fun, Dice Duels are a way for you to wager your hard-earned Diamonds against friend and foe alike. Diamonds can be used to buy new themed dice to play with, enter tournaments, and access single-player content. In Dice Duels, two players agree to bet a certain number of Diamonds on a game. The winner takes the entire pot, and all of the great unlocks that come with it.

Online Tournaments

As mentioned, Yahtzee with Buddies lets players enter daily tournaments with up to 100 players. Tournaments either contain daily or hourly matches. Losing players are eliminated until the champion remains. Just like Dice Duel, players need to pay Diamonds to enter the tournament, with the top player taking home the majority of the winnings.

Single-Player Modes

Even if your friends aren’t online, and you don’t feel like a tournament, there are still plenty of fun modes that have you taking on computer opponents. Most of these modes involve defeating a tower of themed enemies that grow stronger every match. Right now you can either challenge a gang of household pets, or take on Ferris Bueller and his friends. With developer Scopely constantly adding new content, it’s always worth checking in, if only to see what crazy challengers are up next.

While you play you’ll also be completing quests, unlocking achievements, and gaining currency that you can use to customize all assets of your game. With so much going on at Yahtzee with Buddies, there’s always an excuse to play just one more round.


For fans of classic Yahtzee, mobile games, or just having a good time with friends, Yahtzee with Buddies is the perfect game to check out. The game is free to download and play, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try. Just be warned: this game is addictive!