Poker Game Variations

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Deciphering Variations in Poker Games

Which Poker Game Variations Should I Play As A Beginner?

Today Texas Hold’em seems to appear as if it’s the whole of poker, but it’s not. Poker is more than Hold’em or Texas Hold’em. Poker has many variations as noted earlier in our article; Understanding the Game of Poker.

As a matter of fact, Hold’em was not the most famous of the variations; Stud Poker was the most famous version of Poker initially.

Each year the “Game of Poker” keeps evolving, however, what remains constant is its basic concepts of complex card ranking and play strategies.


Three Things Differentiate Poker Game Variations From The Other

These include:

1. The number of shared community cards…

2. The number of cards dealt to each player (Hole Cards)…

3. The number of cards hidden till the end of game.


This implies that fundamentally, poker game variations are all about card variations. For example, Hold’em differs from Omaha with an additional two cards. While Texas Hold’em is dealt with two cards to each player, Omaha is dealt with four cards.

The Game of Stud Poker could be Five-Card or Seven-Card as the case may be.

However, Seven-Card Stud is the most popular to the extent that when you say Stud, it automatically refers to the Seven-Card Stud game.

Even Omaha has a secondary variation, which is Omaha Hi-Lo.

  • What does each game look like during play?
  • What does a beginner need to know before jumping into playing any variations of the poker game?


Basic Semantics For Poker Game Variations

There are basic semantics for each variation of the poker games. Understanding these semantics gives you an edge, both as an amateur poker player or a professional like Johnny Moss. The semantics are the keys to the psychological strategies for winning in poker games. A snappy look at the different variations of the game of poker will help you understand the tricks of the game and how these tricks are applied during plays.

As a beginner, Texas Hold’em is the best option for you since it’s considered easier when it comes to card counting and calculating the odds. As a matter of fact, you can learn Texas Hold’em in just a few minutes, though it demands constant playing if you really want to play well and win often. Omaha is also a great option, including 7-Card Stud, though they need higher knowledge of how the odd calculation and card counting work.


Recommendation For Beginners

Alternatively, it’s recommended that beginners start out playing online, where a variety of play money tables are offered to beginners in some of the online poker rooms. One major reason for recommending the online poker rooms to beginners is that these rooms have facilities and systems in place to determine who has the best hand, bet procedures, automatic chip counts, etc.; as well as handling difficult issues like shuffling and dealing.

In online poker rooms, you can practice with free plays at the start and go for the real money table fun as your game and playing skills progress. This applies to all variations of poker, however, if you want to start out your poker adventure with Texas Hold’em, then there are some points you must note. Continued in Section Three below….


Section Three: Texas Hold’em Poker Variation


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