Texas Hold-em Poker

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Caption: Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

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Texas Hold-em Poker

Every Poker Game comes with betting structures and limits, the intricate semantics of each game as we previously mentioned in our poker article;
“Which Poker Game Should I Play?”

In the case of Texas Hold-em Poker, you have to start with your posting, which is an initial blind or antes to get started. From among the 52 card (standard deck), which the dealer first shuffles, the dealer then deals each player with their ‘pocket cards’ or ‘hole cards’.

After each player is dealt two private cards (pocket cards) face down, then the preflop betting initiates the betting round clockwise the poker table, starting with the player at the left side of the dealer. In this case, there is an interval of freedom during which you can raise, call or fold in the betting process.

The Flop

Once the betting round comes to a close, a new one begins, but not until the dealer has discarded the ‘burn card’, which is the top card of the 52 card deck. This is done in order to checkmate any cheating. Then comes “The Flop”, which is a communal three-cards, face up, flipped by the dealer. These are called communal or community cards because any player can form a poker hand by combining them with their two pocket cards.

The Turn Card

The player to the left of the dealer begins another betting round and ends with another burn from the card dealer.

This is followed by the flipping of the communal “Turn Card”, while doubling the betting as determined by the game under play.

The River Card

There is one other burn and the dealing of the “River Card”, which is the final card face up.

At this point you can use your two pocket cards alone or with a combination of the five cards on the poker table to form your best poker hand. You’ll notice that the tone of the game has now changed toward conclusion.

The Moment of Showdown in Texas Hold-em Poker!

After the final betting initiated by the player to the dealers left, any player who has not folded all through the game will do so now if they think that their poker hand will not stand a chance against the other players poker hand. This is the moment of showdown! The last player to call will initiate the Showdown. In the final show, you have to form your best five-card pocket hand by combining your pocket cards and the community cards.

Each player does the same if they have not already folded out. The winner of the game is the player who shows the best hand. He or She wins the pot. The pot is an amount of money or chips contributed by the individual players of the game and for which they compete. Unless there is a tie between two players at the showdown, the pot is simply awarded to the highest hand.

These are the basic structures and the basic winning strategies of theΒ Texas Hold-em Poker Game. Once you can master the basic structures and the winning strategies, then you’re on your way to winning more games.

However, Aside from Texas Hold-em Poker, Omaha is the next most popular poker game variation. Continued in Section Four below….


Section Four: Omaha Poker Variation


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