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Keno Superball

Superball Keno by SED Gaming (formally Vision Gaming) is one of the best and most entertaining KENO GAMES you’ll find at any land-based casino!

Superball Keno offers players a chance to win huge jackpots by betting on a series of board numbers from 1 thru 80.

Players can bet on one number or up to ten numbers at a time in hopes of having the numbers they selected dropped by the Keno gods and winning the magic progressive jackpot!
(See Progressive Superball Keno Winning Pic Below)

SuperBall Keno is aptly named for the last Keno Ball to be dropped. The last keno ball or the 20th ball to be dropped automatically becomes the “SuperBall” and will pay a 4X times winning combination if it hits on one of the numbers you have chosen to play! For example, if you would have normally won $50 by hitting several of your number spots, you will now win $200 with the Superball being a part of your winning combination!

A related online version to pot-o-gold’s Superball Keno is NetEnt’s Bonus Keno game where the progressive jackpot is activated by forming a specific pattern on the board that combines to make the shape of a J. Read our guide on how to play keno online for more information about online real money options.

Update: Unfortunately bonus keno is no longer available as of 2016. The closest online game to Superball Keno is now Powerball Keno.

SuperBall Keno Spots

In SuperBall Keno, “Keno Spots” refers to the selection of Keno numbers chosen on the Keno Board by the player to bet on. Players can choose to bet on a variety of “Keno Spots” from one number to ten numbers like we mentioned above. Players can choose a 1 spot bet, meaning that they are betting that 1 number selected will hit. In SuperBall Keno, you can also choose a combination of numbers to make up your keno spots, choices include: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or up to 10 spots can be selected.

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Superball Keno - Powerball KenoMany keno players prefer to gamble conservatively and they will pick a fewer number of keno spots in hope that their small selection of spots will be dropped for a nice win. If you’re one of the risk takers though you may want to choose a larger number of spots.

Of course, the fewer spots you select, the better your odds chances are of hitting all of your spots. Keno players have to decide for themselves what their preferred balance should be; better odds vs. higher payouts should all the chosen numbers hit at the same time.

Superball Keno Progressive Winning Pic

Progressive Superball Keno Winning Pic

In many other keno games, you can choose any amount of number spots between 1 and 20. A 15 spot selection for example, means you need 15 numbers to hit the progressive jackpot payout.

A preferred choice for me as you can see in my ‘progressive keno winning picture’ is a selection of 7-spots. In my own personal opinion, a selection of 7-spots offers the best odds for hitting the Superball Progressive Jackpot! More on that below…

SuperBall Keno Number Picking (Spot Selection)

Keno Numbers dropped are chosen randomly and there’s no way to accurately guess numbers beforehand, it’s simply a matter of good luck or bad luck.

Having said that, players can watch the area of the board that is getting the most number drop selections over the course of several drops – and then play the numbers in those areas in hopes that they will continue to hit spots in those locations of the board.

In Superball Keno, when the player hits the ‘play button’ a random selection of 10 numbers are dropped.

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At this point the game will briefly pause and offer the player the option of raising their bet by exactly doubling their original bet amount, it’s strictly your choice of whether you want to raise your bet or not and you should judge this by the amount of numbers that you have already hit in the first 10-ball drop.

If you choose to raise your bet you simply touch the ‘raise bet’ button or if you choose to keep your original bet then you simply touch the ‘keep bet’ button and the remaining 10 numbers will then drop.

Every number in keno has an equally random chance to hit at any given drop, so you may want to try picking your favorite numbers to play, or what some players consider their lucky numbers. Word of warning though, don’t get crazy and start betting extra just because one of your numbers appears to be “hot” or because you think a number is “due to hit”. Keno numbers are never due to hit since every keno round starts with the exact same odds as the round before it did.

A 7-Spot Number Selection

Now, back to why I personally believe that a 7-spot selection is the best to play in hopes of hitting a progressive jackpot payout.

With a 7-spot keno selection in “Superball Keno” you can hit the progressive jackpot if all 7 of your numbers selected drop and hit.

As you can see in my progressive win pictured here, I was playing a 7-spot number selection with a $2.50 bet that was raised to $5.00.

$5.00 is the minimum bet amount that you can bet in order to stand a chance of hitting the Superball progressive when you are only betting 7-spots.

There is a twist to that scenario though; you can play as I was playing in my winning picture by only betting $2.50, but you’ll need to raise your bet after the first 10 balls are dropped in order to win the progressive jackpot amount.

Also note that a 7-Spot selection is the least amount of numbers that can be played in order to hit the progressive jackpot on “Superball Keno”.

About SED Gaming:

SED Gaming (formally Vision Gaming) is a casino games software provider specializing in Class II and Class III gaming markets. They offer casino games and management systems products that continue to attract players and are a profitable platform for their land-based casino clients.

SED Gaming produces individual and multi-gaming platforms. Pot O’ Gold is a multi-player system with many popular titles. The excitement of winning and user friendly styles of their games keep players coming back time and time again. Games on offer include: Slot Games, Poker Games, Keno Games, Bingo Games, Blackjack, Lotto and others are all available.