Bonus Video Slots

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Multi-line Bonus Video Slots

Casinos have been seeking strategies to keep their patrons engaged since the inception of slot machines, turning to virtually all software providers in the process. The result of these efforts is the introduction of Bonus Video Slots.

For obvious reasons of course, the longer their patrons play, the more money the casinos will ultimately make due to the simply fact of the House Edge.

That’s why it’s always been the consensus of slot machine makers to design ‘slot games’ that the savvy casino players will enjoy and keep coming back to.

Slot machine manufacturers have to employ the sharpest of slot designers and outta the box thinkers to come up with the most unique ways to keep the casino patrons playing the longest. Over past years this was accomplished by introducing ‘Bonus Video Slots’ into the mix. These games have secondary bonus rounds that can be triggered by getting certain combination’s of symbols, line pays, etc.

Collecting the correct number of these specialty symbols will sent the machine into bonus round mode where you will either be really happy with the outcome or not. One thing is certain, the bells and whistles that go off when hitting this bonus round will most likely attract a frenzy of excitement from the passers-by. They will be watching the player play out their bonus round on the machine and this is what casino properties bank on.

Multiple Winning Combination’s

Bonus Video Slots

Triple Twister Expanding Wilds

Most of these games offer multiple paylines, various betting options and multiple winning combination’s.

The winning combination’s can be mind blowing with some machines having 50, 100 or more paylines and thousands of winning combination’s that can appear on the screen.

The bonus round screen gives players even more opportunity’s for bigger wins and jackpots with stacked wilds or expanding wild symbols when triggered!

Some of the more popular bonus video slots games offer what they term as ‘minor’ and ‘major’ jackpot wins whereas those jackpot counters build with every bet that is made by all customers playing the particular game. The ‘minor jackpot’ and ‘major jackpot’ can go off at anytime too after the last spin is played.

Slot machine makers wanted to give players a little more incentive to keep them playing longer and as such they introduced these banked bonus machines.

Bonus Screen or Progressive Jackpot Win

Once slot designers implemented the multi-line bonus video slots games on the casino floors around the country, it was soon discovered that casino players would play longer in hopes of reaching the bonus screen or a progressive jackpot win. Since a majority of the new bonus round slot machines offer some sort of bonus round or progressive win this keeps the players enticed to keep on trying for that ‘Random Jackpot’ too.

The ‘Random Jackpots’ are also similar to what we already described above in the ‘minor and major jackpot’ wins. Like the ‘minor and major’; Random Jackpots can also be triggered at any point once the initial spin is completed. On many occasions, these random jackpots run way on up into the thousands of dollars!

One of the absolute best places to find Bonus Video Slots online is at our RTG Casinos section here. RTG has been implementing these new bonus round slot games for quite some time now and offer a wide variety for your choosing. Playing maximum coins per spin is always your best bet for hitting one of these Random Jackpots.

With so many Online Casinos offering these bonus video slots with penny denominations, players should have no trouble at all finding one of these bonus round slots that they will truly enjoy playing!


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