How to Become a Successful Online Casino High Roller?

Added on May 6, 2019, in Gambling Articles by Gambling Gurus

Online casinos offer players a range of chances to hit a win and have fun while they are at it. Most of the time, you can enjoy entertaining gameplay with a smaller bankroll. All it takes is to choose a licensed and reputable operator and find a game you like from their online lobby. Some players can additionally benefit from generous bonus offers, considering that they have read and agree with the terms and conditions.

However, there is another type of casino enthusiasts that many dreams of becoming – high rollers. These set the casino turnover in motion, but they are also known to do significant damage to their reserves should they hit a major winning combination with high stakes.

What is a High Roller?

The high roller is a type of casino player that tends to play bigger than the regular amateur casino visitor. Just for comparison, take an average player and their standard wager amount – online casinos can get as little as a quarter at minimum bet games, up to a maximum of $100 per bet.

These high rollers are easily recognized, as they tend to go beyond this threshold, often ranging up to $500 bets per hand.

Online casinos, as well as land-based establishments, welcome both portions of the player pool. The low to average bettors keep the casino’s player volume, while the other portion contributes the most to the turnover and overall platform profitability. Having this in mind, it is only expected that some casinos would dedicate their services to these players solely, as the top high roller sites ranked at go to show.

High Roller Perks & Benefits

Being a high roller may take a toll on your bankroll, but it will certainly relieve your wallet of other expenses. At land-based casinos, specifically, these players are normally provided with top-notch beverages, accommodation, tickets to the hottest events, or even trips to exotic locations. Casinos are more directly involved in pampering their high rollers, which additionally adds to their reputation, making it look as glamorous as ever.

At online casinos, however, operators need to seek out different ways to acknowledge a high roller’s contribution and express their thanks for choosing the specific casino destination. For this purpose, any high roller is normally attributed to a specific VIP rank, normally based on the amount that they have played through at the specific platform.

These status rankings…

…in turn, each offer a set of advantages and benefits, starting with a dedicated VIP managed, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, as well as much more generous bonuses and promotions. Some casinos go as far as to offer special tournaments and even tickets to international gambling events.

How to Get There – Tips on Becoming a Successful High Roller

Being a high roller involves all the risks of regular online or land-based casino gameplay. The only thing different is the amount you are risking, or to put it differently, the amount you could end up winning if the odds are in your favour. In order to properly prepare for the high roller experience, go through our tips and guidelines and optimize your experience:

  1. Prepare your bankroll

Even if you aren’t a multimillionaire that lands right onto the casino grounds with their helicopter, or has no trouble with massive pay-ins for global poker tournaments, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a high roller experience. Sure, you may need to boost your bankroll from the regular $1k, but see it another way – you have to be in it to win it!

  1. Find the top high roller casinos

Competitiveness among online casinos is surely greater than that seen between their land-based counterparts. With a potentially global player pool and a vast variety of services on offer, it takes something extra for a casino operator to stand out of the crowd. Hence, some of them have dedicated their gameplay to specific player types.

Nowadays, the top high roller casinos offer these players true value for their money – high banking limits, rewarding bonuses, cashbacks and other special treatment.

  1. Get in the mindset

When trying to shift from a regular player to a high roller, thinking like one is just as important as betting like one. In other words, players looking to become successful high rollers need to be prepared to do the act, handle the losses and make the most out of their winnings.

  1. Shop for offers

As mentioned earlier, high roller casinos often offer suitable bonuses and promotions, as well as the top casino games that these players normally prefer. This is not to say that they wouldn’t enjoy a spin or two on a slot, even if it’s betting limits is far less than their regular wager.


…it is still advisable to consider multiple options before making your choice. Most of the time, online casinos will only illustrate a portion of the benefits for these types of players, so it is best to contact customer support and get all the details. Afterward, shop between the platforms, or even try a few of them using a bonus, and only then select the operator that deserves to handle your high roller gameplay.