What are the differences between Live Casino and Video Table Games?

Added on December 18, 2018, in Gambling Articles, Table Games by Gambling Gurus

Ever since the Live Casino feature was first introduced to the public in the mid-β€˜90s, it had great success among the British gamblers. Now, after more than 20 years, live table games have the same feedback from players. Although some distrust existed at a point, it was nothing compared to the users’ scepticism about video table games. But why did these kinds of discrepancies exist between the two of them although they’re so similar?

Video means electronic, Live means human.

When you’re thinking about a Live Casino, the image of a human dealing cards or presenting the game forms inside your mind. The human side of this feature allows the game to feel more real, recreating the landscape of a brick-and-mortar establishment. Video table games are purely made of code and some gamers think that they can be programmed to work a certain way or have certain patterns, causing them to lose credits.

RNG vs Pure Luck

RNG stands for Random Number Generator and this is exactly what it does. It generates a random number for card games or other types of gambling activities such as Roulette or lucky wheel. It’s in human nature to not trust things which cannot be seen. That is why they prefer the live dealer, because in this case, a human is dealing the cards, spins the wheel or throws the ball. All the moves can be seen and no trick can be played thanks to the strict rules of their workplace. The dealer will always show their hands, palms facing the camera in an act called Clear Hands to prove there is no extra card hidden.

The RNG factor has been tested multiple times and it definitely works as it should. It is recommended to be used for gambling activities since the results are so random it must be called luck.

The possibility to interact with others

Last, but not least, Live Casinos have this feature that video table games usually don’t: a live chat. This chat connects all the players that are attending the game room and the dealer. All the present players can communicate through written messages while the dealers can see and answer the questions addressed to them.

In the end, play whatever gives you that special thrill. Video or not, live or not, you’ll find all your favourites at all UK casinos. These online gambling websites can also offer you multiple bonuses to boost your experience. You can enjoy cashback or extra funds promotions or even free spins no deposit deals for other casino games such as slot machines. Try them all and have fun!