Whatโ€™s Trending in UK Bingo & the Upcoming Bingo Sites?

Added on June 7, 2018, in Bingo, Gambling Articles by Gambling Gurus

Bingo used to be just one of those games that you never play, and yet, it never goes out of style or fades into the past like so many before it. In fact, the technological achievements of modern society have given bingo a whole new, digital dimension. What is more, developers got a new game which holds great improvement and design potential, allowing them to feel free when creating their own version of it.

Nowadays, there are many online bingo markets worldwide which offer all kinds of games and platforms to their player base. Due to distinct remote gaming and overall gambling regulations in respective jurisdictions, each market has developed to a certain extent. The British bingo gaming market, in particular, has had the privilege of being regulated by a leading authoritative body, the UK Gambling Commission, providing the perfect climate for a prosperous industry. And with new sites popping up each day by the tenths, there is no saying what players can expect next. Still, there are a few trends that seem to be heading for the rise, and we tried to identify them in the list below.

Mobile Bingo on the Go

Nothing says 2018 as gaming on the go โ€“ with mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets, becoming all the more advanced in their operative system functionality. What used to be a process solely performed on the desktop computer is now as fast, easy and readily accessible via your portable device touchscreen. While older bingo sites in the UK may have a harder time adjusting to this trend, as some of them are developed in different formats often unsuitable for the mobile OS, new and upcoming sites have a different policy.

The newer bingo sites can be found in one of two modes โ€“ an instant-play browser version or an inherent app. Should you choose the first option, there is a great chance that the same access point will be optimized for mobile use via your browser app. Otherwise, there is usually a download link on the operatorโ€™s platform that recognizes the OS and provides you with the suitable app version.

Change in Player Pool Structure

Bingo player demography is a rather interesting subject that seems to be indicating changes in recent years. For one, there is the matter of age, with younger players starting to get into the habit of playing bingo games along with the older segment of the player pool. Still, this isnโ€™t too surprising, considering that youngsters nowadays live in a different context and feel freer to test the games they havenโ€™t thought of before.

On a different note, the matter of gender is all the more evident and surprising, as bingo used to be massively targeting the housewives. Now that modern women take up so many other roles throughout their lives, bingo sites have found it essential to shift focus in order to maintain player traffic and thus, mutual profit. Bingo operators are releasing many male-targeted bingo websites, especially since video bingo became an even more popular option.

VR Bingo

Video bingo may be a fun game, but there is nothing as immersive as virtual reality, allowing you to be head-to-head with the balls as they come tumbling down through the pipe. The technology of Virtual Reality is not fully developed, but significant progress has been made so far in allowing players to enter the world of virtual bingo. This is bound to be an upcoming trend in the sites to come, but until then, there are more than enough existing bingo game titles with all kinds of animations and special effects that can provide you with just as much fun as any VR-connected mobile device or computer.

Innovation in Payment Methods

While bingo used to be a game of relaxation played Sundays at church, or specifically organized for cause, nowadays, people can reach it much more readily, any time they want. This is due to the hectic lifestyle that changed the way people organize their time and leisure activities.

Today, payments are one of the top issues when it comes to the matter of a hectic lifestyle, with everyone trying to get past the inevitable queuing and waiting. Since the rise of the Internet and the numerous online services, there has been a need for new and improved payment processing methods that would eliminate any risk of identity and funds theft, without impeding the speed and quality of the service. Recent years have seen the implementation of digital e-wallets and online payment processors of all kinds โ€“ these practically connect to your debit or credit card and fund the account from it. After that, such payment methods are used on the relevant platforms, sharing with them only the basic user information they have inputted upon signup while retaining credit and debit card information from spreading.

Bingo Game Play Advantages

Online bingo game play, as well as gambling in general, has largely prospered due to the numerous bingo gameplay advantages. Namely, back in the days when people were reluctant to try the new and seemingly unsafe invention such as an online casino floor or poker room, it was only due to the specific benefits offered across all platforms which made it an attractive endeavor. Bonuses and promotions soon became readily available as means of appealing to the general public to enjoy the games they know, while at the same time trusting the site that they will keep their data safe.

The recent and upcoming online bingo platforms have identified the potential in such promotions, and have thus attempted to exploit it to their progress. Hence, these platforms are currently increasing such gameplay advantages, all to the purpose of luring players in. With the trend witnessing massive support, there is no doubt new ones are bound to follow up in the next days โ€“ after all, nothing could go wrong with doubling the number of free balls or bonus feature in the no deposit bonus promo. Just make sure the remaining conditions fit your player needs, goals and use all of it on the next online bingo platform to come.