Las Vegas History Timelines

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Las Vegas History Timelines | Pre 1776 to 1935

Part I of Vegas History Timelines

Las Vegas History Timelines Part I.Β Since the early History of Las Vegas, gambling has always played a role. Initially gambling was legalized by the State first, but then in the early 20th century, they were also the last to outlaw it. In 1910, any type of gambling was outlawed in Nevada.

However, this did not stop those who had already caught the gambling bug from continuing to take advantage with underground games taking place all through the state.

In 1911 Las Vegas officially became a city. It was only by the Great Depression that gambling was legalized. More cool info like this is available in our five part ‘Las Vegas History Timelines’.

Initially, it was only a small industry and tax revenue from the industry went to fund the State’s public education.

El Rancho Vegas was the first gambling establishment built on “The Strip” and that began to fuel further development on the Las Vegas Strip. The first entertainment, other than strippers, began with El Rancho Vegas. They only had a small showroom called the “Round-Up Room”, but they hired singers and dancers to entertain guests who were looking for more than just the opportunity to gamble.

Las Vegas History Timelines – Past and Present – Noted and Recorded

Pre 1776 – A few tumbleweeds blow around the desert while smoke signals slowly drift upwards from the Native American tee-pees that were known as the “Southern Paiute”. They inhabited the area in and around what is today known as Las Vegas.

1776 – 1829: A few more tumbleweeds and smoke signals are still prevalent as the area is still part of Mexico. Las Vegas was named by Spaniards in the Antonio Armijo party.

1829 – The Spanish Scout Rafael Riviera becomes the first recorded European to visit the Las Vegas Valley. Also in 1829, Antonio Armijo arrives after his scout Rafael Riviera.

1844 – John C. Fremont Arrives in Las Vegas as a leader of a group of scientists, scouts and observers for the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

1848 – Mexico ceded to the U.S.A. the area that is known today as the State of Nevada.

1855 – William Bringhurst and a group of 30 Mormon missionaries arrive in Las Vegas and establish a fort near the current downtown area to try to convert the Paiute Indian population to Mormonism. The first Post Office was established and was named Bringhurst after Mission President William Bringhurst.

1857 – The Mormons decide to abandon the fort and Las Vegas. We reckon they had already had enough of
Sin City!

1864 – Nevada is admitted into the Union by President Lincoln.

1865 – Octavius Decatur Gass takes over the old Mormon Fort and re-establishes it as the Las Vegas Rancho.

1869 – Gambling was first legalized in Nevada when the Legislature overrode a governor’s veto.

1881 – Archibald and Helen Stewart acquire the Las Vegas Rancho from Octavius Decatur Gass for $5,000.00. The Las Vegas Rancho eventually evolved into a local resort and then a testing laboratory for the Bureau of Reclamation during the construction of Hoover Dam in 1931.

1884 – Archibald Stewart was murdered at Kiel Ranch. The first recorded Las Vegas Murder that still remains unsolved to this day.

1903 – Helen Stewart sells the Las Vegas Rancho to Montana Senator William A. Clark for $55,000.00

1905 – The Town of Las Vegas was established as a railroad town when 110 acres owned by the Salt Lake, San Pedro & Los Angeles Railroad were auctioned off. Las Vegas was then part of Lincoln County until 1908 when it became part of the newly established Clark County. Also in 1905, the first train arrives in Las Vegas.

1907 – The first telephone wires were installed in Las Vegas.

1909 – Clark County, Nevada was created and the first Theater named the Isis opened.

1910 – The State of Nevada Bans Gambling.

1911 – The City of Las Vegas was incorporated.

1912 – The Majestic Theater opened up for business.

1914 – The first Movie filmed in Vegas was called ‘The Hazards of Helen’.

1920 – The first Airplane lands in Las Vegas. Randall Henderson and his Jenny, but where was Forrest?

1923 – The first official Rodeo takes place.

1925 – A bill was introduced at the Legislature to legalize gambling but overwhelmingly failed in the Assembly.

1927 – The Nevada Legislature considered a similar bill that passed the Assembly comfortably but lost in the Senate by a single vote. The first Golf Course was built.

1926 – The first commercial airline flight takes place by Western Air Express.

1929 – Las Vegas High School opens.

1931 – Hoover Dam construction began in Black Canyon. Gambling was one again legalized in Nevada and the first State Gaming License was issued to Las Vegas resident Mayme Stocker.

1933 – The Historic Downtown US Post-Office and Federal Courthouse opens for business and justice.

1935 – Hoover Dam is completed and was dedicated by President Franklin Roosevelt. The dam also formed Lake Mead which is the USA’s largest man-made lake and reservoir.


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