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Vegas Casinos offering Swim-Up-Blackjack

Swim Up Blackjack In Vegas

Poolside Gambling In Las Vegas

The weather is Hot in Fantabulous Las Vegas, so, Vegas Casinos offering Swim-Up-Blackjack and Pool-Side Blackjack, Craps and even Roulette have become the next big thing in Vegas Casino Resort Entertainment. While it might not be guaranteed that you will win, it is almost guaranteed that 300 days of sunshine a year are a natural feature of Sin City, so you’ll at least get some nice sun!

In the city that never sleeps there are a number of resort casinos which offer this more casual type of classic casino game play. Just to mention a few of the Vegas Casinos offering Swim-Up-Blackjack and other Poolside Games;

Caesars Palace, The Cosmopolitan, The Flamingo, Hard Rock Casino, Mandalay Bar, The Palms, and The Golden Nugget. The Golden Nugget pool-side-gambling area features a magnificent shark tank, which is quite apt don’t you think?

Shark tanks, swimming pools and blackjack tables might be the latest big thing in Las Vegas, so, it stands to reason that bikini clad dealers are another attraction for players.

Now gamblers who frequent Vegas Casinos offering Swim-Up-Blackjack don’t have to take time out from gaming to keep up their tan, and at the same time can enjoy the scenery of scantily clothed babes dealing the cards! Gambling pools are the name of the game in Vegas, where visitors will also find slot machines situated at the airport and even in drugstores.


Fortuna Pool at Caesars Palace

Vegas Casinos offering Swim-Up-Blackjack


The Fortuna Pool is the place to play at The Garden Of The Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars Palace.

Simply swim up to the shaded section to indulge in some wet n’ wild blackjack.




Great Rates at Caesars Palace Las Vegas



The GO-Pool at Flamingo Las Vegas

The Flamingo GO Pool – sees players mingling in a tropical backdrop, amongst waterfalls, and in-theme landscaping that is modelled after a Hawaiian village.

As well as Blackjack, The Flamingo also offers Craps, but only on Fridays and Saturdays between 10:30 am and 5:30pm.


Vegas Casinos offering Swim-Up-Blackjack are the hot new hang out spot for the gamblers that love being outdoors!


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People who want to experience this new way of playing do not have to be a resident or guest in the hotel. According to Nevada law the general public can up the ante, under-water if they wish, although there will be a cover charge.

While Las Vegas was the pioneer to merge gambling with water sports, this was also the first city where mega-casinos competed to out-strip one-another. The same applies to pool gaming areas and their swim-up casinos. Each one visited seems to be even better than the next.

At the Hard Rock Casino, find no less than three swim-up blackjack tables, however, if you’re not in the mood to get wet, check out the Palapa Hut, there are four more tables in there. Not only does this casino feature swimming pools, it’s just like being at the beach! Pools are heated, with sandy bottoms, there are hot tubs, an underwater sound system, and this Las Vegas pool is home to outrageous pool-parties. It’s also where Rehab takes place on Sundays. This is for sure one of the coolest Vegas Casinos offering Swim-Up-Blackjack!

*The Palapa Bar & Grill (pictured above) at the Hard Rock Casino is a floating bar that features complete food and beverage service as well as Swim-Up Blackjack!

HardRock Casino Pool Las Vegas

HardRock Casino Las Vegas


Mandalay Bay Beachside-Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay Beachside Las Vegas

Of all the Vegas Casinos offering Swim-Up-Blackjack, the Mandalay Bay is not to be missed. HereΒ we find ‘The Beach in Las Vegas’. This venue is a veritable water wonderland – an eleven acre lushly forested, man-made beach to be exact.

There’s a wave pool, three swimming pools (two are heated), lazy river-rides, Jacuzzis, fountains, water-gardens, waterfalls, water sports, and even a topless pool (in a the private Moorea Beach Club).

The Beachside Casino is the place to play, and where as well as Blackjack, Roulette and Craps can be found playing all weekend long. Unfortunately, for some reason unknown to this writer, this particular pool-side casino is limited to hotel guests only. It is a stay that all serious gamers should add to their bucket list. Mandalay Beach Concerts are also a feature during summer months. To see more Vegas Casinos offering Swim-Up-BlackjackΒ follow our Part-2 article link below.

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