Vegas Swim Up Blackjack | Poolside Gambling 2

Added on May 13, 2014 in Casinos

HardRock Casino Las Vegas Nearly all of these ‘Vegas Mega-Resort Pools’ that we are featuring here in this article and the previous article; Las Vegas Casinos that offer Swim-Up-Blackjack offer much much more than the traditional Vegas resort pools of yesterday. These high-end resort pools offer Waterfalls and Cabanas, Glass-Bottom Pools, Sand-Bottom Pools, Hot Tubs, Poolside Cafes and Bars and fabulous views of the Vegas skyline and surrounding mountains all from the Vegas Strip. But, most importantly, these Resort Pools offer ... Read More

Vegas Casinos Offering Swim-Up-Blackjack | Poolside Games

Added on April 1, 2014 in Las Vegas

The weather is Hot in Fantabulous Las Vegas, so, Vegas Casinos offering Swim-Up-Blackjack and Pool-Side Blackjack, Craps and even Roulette have become the next big thing in Vegas Casino Resort Entertainment. While it might not be guaranteed that you will win, it is almost guaranteed that 300 days of sunshine a year are a natural feature of Sin City, so you’ll at least get some nice sun! In the city that never sleeps there are a number of resort casinos ... Read More