APCW Perspectives Weekly Videos With Your Host J. Todd

APCW Perspectives Weekly VideosAPCW Perspectives Weekly videos are presented to Gambling Gurus visitors to keep you guys informed about the online gambling industry. J Todd, the narrator in front of the lens here in all of these videos is your weekly host.

Todd has been producing and adding the commentary for these APCW Perspectives Weekly gambling industry news videos for several years now. APCW Perspectives Weekly brings you news and information about the business and politics of the online gambling world as well as land-based casino news.

APCW Perspectives Weekly episodes cover everything from American and European legislation that could affect players and webmasters to ‘online casino and poker news’ of interest to anyone who enjoys this very dynamic industry. The APCW has been working in the online gambling industry since 2003.

They are recognized as one of the most influential and respected organizations in the business. The APCW also conduct comprehensive, quality control audits in their quest to ensure integrity in the industry as well as produce dynamic media, work for legalization and regulation, and act as a liaison for both players and affiliates to help resolve issues with web based gaming establishments.

Enjoy all the APCW Perspectives Weekly Videos that will automatically be updated here as they become available!



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Spanish Authorities Respond

Everyone loves a flutter, and the growth of the internet since the turn of the millennium has seen the online gaming and casino market flourish into a $36 billion dollar industry – and one that is set to almost double over the next three years.
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Live Online Casino Games

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Three Poker-Inspired Casino Games

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The Bet That Has Changed My Life

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Casino Games Online Vs. Real Life Casinos

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