Caribbean Holdem Poker

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Caribbean Style Hold’Em Poker

Caribbean Holdem Poker

Gambling Gurus love a good game of Caribbean Holdem Poker. It’s also a sister game to the already popular Caribbean Stud Poker game that you’ll find at many of the online casinos we have listed here. In Caribbean Holdem Poker, you play a variation of Texas Holdem against the ‘Online Casino’.

You can win the progressive jackpot with a Royal Flush on the first five cards (two player cards and three community cards). You can also win an optional bonus for a progressive jackpot if you have at least a Flush on the first five cards and also depending on you having a better hand than the dealer’s hand.

Caribbean Holdem Poker also shares a progressive jackpot with the Caribbean Stud Poker game (at RTG casinos) allowing the jackpot to accumulate quickly. Caribbean Holdem Poker is a saltwater variation of Texas Hold’Em. In this game variation, you are dealt two cards and the dealer is dealt two cards.

Next comes the flop where three community cards are dealt face-up. You can fold and bow out or you can choose to stay in and continue the game and see the next two community cards. The best ranked poker hand wins!

Winning with the best poker hand is but half of the story though in Caribbean Holdem Poker!

Toss a coin in the ‘ole Jolly Roger’ and you could win the game’s biggest bounty of all, which is a cross-casino progressive jackpot that is shared with Caribbean Holdem Poker sister game, Caribbean Stud Poker as mentioned above.

Parts of the progressive jackpot are awarded for specific poker hands created on the flop and a Royal Flush, the mac-daddy of all poker hands awards all of the loot! Sweet eh!

For Online Game Play you need to only click the chip denomination that you want to use to place a bet within the stated table limits, then click Deal. Table limits are displayed in the lower, left-hand side of the screen.

On the Deal, the dealer is dealt two cards face down and you are dealt two cards face up. Three community cards (also called the “Flop”) are dealt face up in the middle of the table.

You then need to predict whether or not your five-card poker hand will beat the dealer’s hand. If you believe your hand will be as good or better than the dealer’s hand, you should then Call. If you believe the dealer will have a better hand than you, you should Fold your hand. Clicking the Call button makes an additional bet that is twice the Ante.

Clicking Fold forfeits the Ante and ends the game.

If you choose not to fold then two more community cards are dealt face up. There are now five community cards that both you and the dealer can use to make the best five-card poker hand possible. Some or all of the five community cards can be used to make the best five-card poker hand.

If you did not Fold, and the dealer qualifies, your hand is compared to the dealer’s hand to determine the winner. The Dealer qualifies by getting any hand containing a pair of 4’s or better.

When ranking the Hands you will see that the Hands are ranked according to standard poker rules. Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4 of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, 3 of a Kind, Two Pair, One Pair and then High Card. Payouts are also ranked from highest to lowest just the same as the hand descriptions above.

The Caribbean Holdem Poker game offers an optional progressive jackpot where an additional bet makes you eligible to win part or all of the jackpot. The payout for the jackpot depends on the rank of your poker hand. Caribbean Hold ‘Em progressive payouts are based on a five-card poker hand that is made using your two cards and the first three community cards dealt.

Please see Caribbean Hold ‘Em progressive payouts table in the game screen and rules section. To play for the progressive jackpot, click the coin slot before clicking Deal. The coin slot lights up when you place a progressive bet. To remove your bet, click the coin slot again.

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