Stud Poker

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Poker Stud with 5 and 7 Cards

Stud Poker – More Fascinating Than Hold’em and Omaha

Stud Poker as a game is one of the most fascinating poker variations that enjoyed more follower-ship among poker players and fans before Hold’em took over the poker airwaves. Today Omaha is gaining ground and may likely displace Texas Hold’em in popularity.

Like Omaha, Stud is another poker variation with two versions. These Stud versions include Seven-Card Stud and Five-Card Stud.

However, like the Omaha versions where one is preferred against another, the Seven-Card Stud is the most played version of the two Stud versions.

The most interesting thing about Stud poker is the fact that you are dealt three cards with different placements. In this, one of those three cards dealt is face up while two are face down.

Another thing is what is known as “bring it in”. This simply means when the betting process starts, during which you throw in your ante, if you are the one with the lowest-valued show card, you will be left with only two options.

The options are that either you complete the bet to a full small limit or you pay half the small limit. You are simply forced to bring in the lowest valued card in your custody. That is, you are compelled to “bring it in”.

Stud poker has a bit of a fascinating betting process. For example; if you have a game with a betting limit of $10/$20, you throw an ante of $1. Then you are forced to bring in $5, and you have a big bet of $20 with a complete/small bet of $10.



In the Stud betting process there are two major phases. The first phase which plays with the lower fixed limit consists of the first and second betting rounds, while the last three final betting rounds is the second phase and uses the upper limit of the bet. One basic trick you must note as an amateur in Stud Poker is the suits, which include clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades mean a lot if you want to secure a win.

Unlike in the Chinese Big Two, Stud suits are arranged in alphabetical order. At showdown, winning could be a single player win or a tie. In this case, out of their seven cards, the best five card hand player wins the pot. If there is a tie, the pot is split.

The game of poker in its many variations is almost the same thing. It is just one game with many fascinating faces. The betting procedures may differ, including the number of cards dealt to each player, yet the same set of strategies apply to all the seven variations and sub-variations of the game.

There has been the tendency in the last few decades to see the whole of poker from the narrow window of Texas Hold’em. The fact is that Poker is more than Texas Hold’em. There are several other fascinating variations as described in all of our Poker Articles Here, and each variation is easy to learn and play for a win!


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