Online Gambling in Canada

How Online Gambling Works in Canada

Online Gambling in CanadaIf you’re looking to gamble online in Canada then you may have a lot of questions, such as: is online gambling legal in Canada? Where can you gamble online in Canada?

What are the bonuses? How can you make deposits and withdrawals?

In this short guide we aim to address the key questions surrounding online gambling in Canada so you can go forward with confidence.

Is Online Gambling in Canada Legal?

There is a wealth of confusion surrounding online gambling regulations in Canada. The confusion is largely caused by the fact that there are different gambling laws across Canada based on the provincial or territorial governments. For example, casino games are not allowed in Newfoundland and Labrador; Prince Edward Island; and New Brunswick.

The Criminal Code in Canada does not specifically state that online gambling in Canada is illegal. The law seems to prohibit Canadian online casinos: but does not outlaw those based in other countries. In truth, the wording is complicated: but the fact is that nobody has ever been charged for online gambling in Canada.

Is Online Gambling in Canada Taxed?

For gambling winnings in Canada there are no taxes: unless they were part of business transactions. So if you are a professional poker player, for example, then you could be hit with taxes: but, in most cases, for the average player, there are no taxes for online gambling in Canada.

Where can you Gamble Online in Canada?

There are a host of online casinos to choose from in Canada: although they are generally based overseas, with Malta being a particularly popular destination because of its taxation laws. Some of the online casinos you may wish to consider include: 888 Casino, BetWay Casino, Casino, Intercasino Casino, Maple Casino, Jackpot Casino, Roxy Palace Casino, Spin Palace Casino and William Hill Casino.

To help you make a decision about the best online casino destination for you, we have put together guides to each of these casinos. Just click on the links above to read our independent reviews.

What are the Bonuses Available at Online Casinos in Canada?

The bonuses available at online casinos in Canada are wide ranging. In most cases you will be offered a welcome bonus – which could range from $100 to around $3,000. Generally speaking, the bonuses are structured and incremental. The idea is that you will receive the first bonus once you have made your first deposit of at least a certain amount. Then you must make subsequent deposits in order to receive further bonuses. Some websites do offer other bonuses of course: including loyalty bonuses; seasonal offers; and more.

How do you Make and Collect Payments?

Each online casino has a page dedicated to withdrawal and deposit options. In most cases they will outline not only the options that are available: but how long you can expect withdrawals with different payment methods to take. Generally, most casinos will accept most major debit and credit cards; as well as bank transfers and web payment options such as Skrill and PayPal. Check individual websites for complete information.

What about the Gaming Options?

Nearly every online casino available in Canada offers a mix of table games and slots. All of the traditional favourites are there, such as baccarat, blackjack and roulette; and there are often major slot games attached to huge franchises such as the Batman movies; Marvel; Game of Thrones; and more.

For more information about the current accepted Canadian online casinos or more about games and legalization we advise you to go to !

PLEASE NOTE: We aim to ensure that the information shown on this page is kept up to date and accurate. However, please bear in mind that this page simply represents an interpretation of existing Canadian law. Is it not to be interpreted as legal advice regarding Online Gambling in Canada.


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