Texas Hold-em Poker

Texas Hold-em Poker

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Texas Hold-em Poker

Every Poker Game comes with betting structures and limits, the intricate semantics of each game as we previously mentioned in our poker article;
“Which Poker Game Should I Play?”

In the case of Texas Hold-em Poker, you have to start with your posting, which is an initial blind or antes to get started. From among the 52 card (standard deck), which the dealer first shuffles, the dealer then deals each player with their ‘pocket cards’ or ‘hole cards’. (more…)

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Fantabulous Las Vegas

Fantabulous Las Vegas

Fantabulous Las Vegas

USA Top Gambling Destination

Las-Vegas is often billed as The Entertainment Capital of the World. It’s also known to many as ‘Sin City’. As most gamblers know, Vegas is famous for it’s massive and lavish casino resorts where the gaming tables and slot machines are played 24/7. But gambling was not always legal in Vegas or any part of Nevada as we stated in our Vegas History articles. Good thing for us gamblers and nightclub junkies that law changed.

Without casino gambling in Vegas, the extravagant Sin City Nightclubs and Vegas Strip-Clubs would not be the first-class establishments that they are today! (more…)

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Omaha Poker Basics

Omaha Poker

Win in Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker Variation: Hold’em beyond Texas Hold’em

There is a slight difference between the Omaha variation and the Texas Hold’em variation of the game of poker. As a matter of fact, Omaha is sometimes referred to as Omaha Hold’em. It is widely viewed as a modified Hold’em version introduced by Robert Turner, and first offered as a game at a casino by Bill Boyd.

Boyd initially named it Nugget Hold’em, naming it after the casino where it was first offered as a game. The major difference between the two versions of poker comes with the difference in the number of cards dealt each player. (more…)

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Vegas Casinos Offering Swim-Up-Blackjack | Poolside Games

Vegas Casinos offering Swim-Up-Blackjack

Swim Up Blackjack In Vegas

Poolside Gambling In Las Vegas

The weather is Hot in Fantabulous Las Vegas, so, Vegas Casinos offering Swim-Up-Blackjack and Pool-Side Blackjack, Craps and even Roulette have become the next big thing in Vegas Casino Resort Entertainment. While it might not be guaranteed that you will win, it is almost guaranteed that 300 days of sunshine a year are a natural feature of Sin City, so you’ll at least get some nice sun!

In the city that never sleeps there are a number of resort casinos which offer this more casual type of classic casino game play. Just to mention a few of the Vegas Casinos offering Swim-Up-Blackjack and other Poolside Games; (more…)