Americas Cardroom Progressive Races

Americas Cardroom Progressive Races Adds $90,000 to The Beast and Sit & Crush

Americas Cardroom Progressive Races Beginning July 19th an extra 90k will go into Americas Cardroom Progressive Races

San Jose, Costa Rica – July 16, 2014 – Americas Cardroom’s world-famous Beast and Sit & Crush Point Races have already handed out millions of dollars in prize pools over the last few years. But that isn’t stopping the online poker site from upping the ante even more.

Americas Cardroom today announced that it’s adding $90,000 in extra cash leaderboard money to the legendary point races, spread out over six weeks beginning Saturday July 19th. (more…)

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Gambling Morals

Gambling Morals – Societal Socio Political Subjects

Gambling Morals

Morals of Gambling

Gambling Morals are one of the most common socio-political subjects, and as such, we’ve included Plenty of Sarcasm!

I can go to the racetrack, dogs or horses, and lay my money down. Ah, here is the great contest of man against man; be it trainer or jockey, and may the best man win. Poppycock.

I can go to the local handi-mart and lay my money down on a lottery ticket. After all, it’s for the “greater good of Education” and I stand a reasonable chance of winning millions, right?

It could happen to me, right? – Rubbish!

I can spread my risk around in a mutual fund; a little high risk for massive returns, right? (more…)

Winning Millions Tournament | Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom Hosting Guaranteed Winning Millions Tournament In December

Winning Millions Tournament at Americas CardroomSan Jose, Costa Rica – July 14, 2014 – Poker in America is officially back!

Americas Cardroom today announced Winning Millions, a $1 million guaranteed poker tournament set to get underway on December 14th, 2014.

The historic online poker tournament will feature the single biggest online poker prize pool US players have seen since April 2011. Qualifiers for the $500+$40 buy-in tournament will be available soon. (more…)

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Rain Dance 1100 Spins

Rain Dance 1100 Spins Won at ClubUSA Casino! – RTG Winning Screenshots

Rain Dance 1100 Spins The coyotes howled and the drums beat loud when 100 Free Spins were initially hit in the popular RTG Video Slot Game; Rain Dance.

But wait that’s just the beginning of this big medicine tale!

For centuries now, Native Americans have called upon Spirits to work in their favor and that’s exactly what Gambling Guru did while low-rolling the spins on Rain Dance. Gambling Guru sent wishes for good luck, free spins and big wins up to the spirits that rule the ‘winds of chance’. ….Read on to see what happened next…. (more…)

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1 OAK Nightclub

1 OAK Nightclub at The Mirage Hotel & Casino

1 OAK Nightclub

1 OAK Nightclub Las Vegas

1 OAK Nightclub at The Mirage Hotel & Casino Resort Las Vegas is a One-Of-A-Kind Nightlife Experience that debuted on New Year’s Eve 2011 and has been going strong for over two and a half years now!

The Light Group, Las Vegas’ leading hospitality, development and management company, formed a unique partnership with NYC’s Butter Group back in 2011 and soon afterward announced the opening of 1 OAK Nightclub Las Vegas venue.

The Butter Group of New York is a preeminent lifestyle and hospitality trendsetter company and are also the owners of elite restaurants, The Darby and Butter; lounges and nightclubs The Darby Downstairs, 1OAK NYC, Butter NC and 1 OAK Nightclub Brazil. (more…)

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Tribal Gaming Casinos Beginnings

Tribal Gaming Casinos – Are They “The Red Mans Revenge” ?

Tribal Gaming Casinos

Tribal Gaming Casinos

Etched in the history of our great nation is a long and lamentable chapter about the exploitation of Native Americans…. Every kind of charlatan and every type of crook has deceived and exploited America’s native sons and daughters. While these accounts of unscrupulous men are sadly familiar, the tale we hear today is not. What sets this tale apart, what makes it truly extraordinary, is the extent and degree of the apparent exploitation and deceit.” — Statement of Senator John McCain, Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Oversight Hearing on Lobbying Practices Involving Indian Tribes, 9/29/04

The good Senator McCain was not referring to the 1800’s or even 1900’s but current affairs of the time regarding Tribal Gaming Casinos and the mistreatment of Native American owners. (more…)

Land Based Casino Myths

Debunking A Few Misconceptions Related to Land Based Casino Myths

Land Based Casino Myths

Land Based Casino Myths

We often hear whispers and rumors of Land Based Casino Myths such as Casinos selecting winners and tracking us to ensure that we do not win. This article aims to debunk a few myths associated with these false interpretations or misconceptions.

Every Land Based Casino is for the most part, basically just like any other. Of course there are a few exceptions to this rule of thumb. From Vegas Casino Resorts to Australia to England and back to Macau; Land Based Casinos are dependent on major gaming manufacturers to provide them with their games.

Games providers such as Bally, Konami, SED Gaming, Aristocrat, IGT and Aruze (previously Universal) to name a few are kept busy in these locations as well as many others. (more…)

Haze Nightclub | Aria Las Vegas

Haze Nightclub at Aria Las Vegas

*UPDATE: Haze Nightclub in Las Vegas closed its doors permanently on Oct. 31st 2014

Haze NightclubHaze Nightclub is most definitely off the hook crazy! Myself and a couple of my girlfriends recently spent a Saturday night there jamming to the beats of guest DJ Pauly D, who was in the house that evening! Thanks to GG’s for making that trip possible. My girls and I owe you one GG’s!

Haze Nightclub is located in the ARIA Casino Resort at CityCenter and is Vegas’ #1 Nightspot at the moment. If you’ve never had a chance to visit Haze, you are missing out on one hell of a party! Once you spend a Friday night there, you’ll see why Haze Nightclub is the place to be and be seen in Vegas! (more…)

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Archie Karas

Archie Karas

Gambling Legend Archie Karas

Archie Karas | Gambling Legend

Gambling Legend Archie Karas (full name Anargyros Karabourniotis) was born in 1950.

He is a Greek-American, famous for the largest and longest winning streak in the history of gambling. Many regard him as one of the greatest, if not the greatest gambler in history!

High roller, poker player and pool shark, he managed to make an astonishing amount of money in what became known as “The Run”.

Early Years


Joseph Jagger | Roulette Take Down II

Joseph Jagger

Gambling Legend Joe Jagger

Joseph Jagger – The Roulette Take Down In Monte Carlo II

Continued From Part I

Dawn came with the ocean breeze fresh in his nostrils. Joseph Jagger lay in a mid-morning half-awake dream and suddenly felt a peach pit of fear in his gut and jolted out of bed like a man electrocuted. Today is the day! Today! This is it old boy! … exclaimed Joe.

Joseph Jagger went to the salon and had a bath and a shave. The tailor came and accoutered him in creased white cottons, a black hat, vest, and shoes and a red bow tie. Tipping well all around, he then ate a hearty meal and steeled himself for the task to come. (more…)

Joseph Jagger | Roulette Take Down

Joseph Jagger

Gambling Legend Joe Jagger

Joseph Jagger – The Roulette Take Down In Monte Carlo

It was cold and clammy against his skin so Joseph Jagger pulled the collar of his fogger tight around his neck, against the acrid yellow haze of an early spring morning and hurried his pace.

Back to this stink hole again. How I despise it all sometimes! How could I have been so foolish? I won enough a fortnight ago at the roulette wheel to acquire some sizable holdings and not have to look forward to my pension … but could I walk away with it? Bloody ‘ell no!

I had to try to double it, didn’t I? You dolt! Daft I tell ya, daft! (more…)

Gambling Psychology

The Psychology Of Gambling

Gambling Psychology | The Psychology Of GamblingFor some people, the urge to gamble is a mystery. Gambling Psychology may be at work here but the possibility of “getting something for nothing”, just isn’t worth the risk of getting nothing for something.

People tend to fall along a scale from very risk-averse to very risk-tolerant, and certain people, because of heredity, environment, or both, may be more inclined to gamble.

But this does not speak to gambling psychology, which comes from a much more basic, animal part of our nature.

“Why Gamble?”

What makes us gamble? (more…)