Las Vegas History Timelines IV

Las Vegas History Timeline IV

Vegas History Timelines Part IV

Las Vegas History Timeline IV | 1999 to 2007

Las Vegas History Timeline IV shows that in the late 1950s, the first convention center was developed in Las Vegas, attracting more tourists and business travelers.

Las Vegas has gotten its name as an easy city to be in because there are fewer limitations.

There is no personal income tax or corporate income tax in Nevada, individuals can get a marriage license immediately and the lenient divorce proceedings and the City’s tolerance for various forms of adult entertainment have earned it the title of Sin City. (more…)

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Johnny Moss


Gambling Legend Johnny Moss

Johnny Moss – The King of Poker

In the world of Gambling Legends, Johnny Moss, who was a life-long American gambler is worthy of the accolade “Champion of Champions”, especially in the game of poker where he is adored as a trailblazer of a kind.

Born in Marshal, Texas in 1907, his passion for gambling started as a young boy around Dallas, Texas where he was hired by a local saloon to work as a ‘fair play watcher’ for some games as he grew up in the neighborhood.

As a professional gambler and thoroughbred poker player, Johnny Moss is credited with the (more…)

Chippendales | Rio Las Vegas

Chippendales Show at Rio Las Vegas


Chippendales The Show

In Las Vegas, the men certainly have their Gentlemen’s Clubs, but the ladies have their own clubs too. At the Rio Las Vegas you will find 12 of the hottest men that are there just for the ladies!

They are the world famous “Chippendale Dancers“. There are 24 official Chippendale Dancers and 12 of them perform every night at the Rio Las Vegas, while the other 12 perform all over the country.

Ladies, these guys are some of the most physically chiseled male dancers that you will see entertain, and excite the ladies like no others, anywhere! (more…)

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TAO NightClub | Venetian Las Vegas

TAO NightClub, Bistro and Beach Las Vegas

TAO NightClub

Bistro and Beach

In 2005, The Strategic Hospitality Group opened the TAO Nightclub Las Vegas at The Venetian Hotel and Casino Resort. Built as a Buddhist temple run amok in the bustling city of Las Vegas, this one-stop-spot nightclub is definitely the ultimate “East meets West experience”.

In both dining and nightlife, the TAO Nightclub depicts a fascinating environment that typifies a fussed up oasis of pleasure and class!

The TAO Night Club Las Vegas is raising the bar on Vegas Nightlife and offering the upscale partying pack a taste of night craving in a sophisticated, sexy, and thrilling environment tinted with a strong sense of pleasure. (more…)

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Doyle Brunson

Gambling Legend Doyle Brunson

Gambling Legend Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson | Gambling Legend

In his time, Doyle Brunson made an incredible mark in the world of poker in two outstanding ways; he created an unbeatable record playing poker in the most professional but fascinating way with breathtaking wins and countless bracelets, but he also wrote several books about poker and his way of playing the card game.

Regarded as the best poker player of all time, Doyle Brunson is an American whiz kid poker player and one of our Gambling Legends featured here at the Gambling Gurus. Doyle Brunson was born on August 10, 1933 and has been on the poker tables for over 50 years and is credited to be the first player to amass $1million in tournaments! (more…)

Las Vegas History Timelines III

Vegas History Timelines Part III

Vegas History Timelines Part III

Las Vegas History Timelines III | 1994 to 1999

The Flamingo Hotel is owned by the Caesars Entertainment Corp. today and still holds onto that Miami theme this spot was always known for.

Following the development of the Flamingo, in 1955 a number of high-rise hotels and casinos were developed, starting with the Riviera Hotel. The Tropicana is one of these casinos still standing today from this development period.

The Moulin Rouge hotel and Casino came out around this time period. This is where entertainment in the resorts became popular as they featured a kind of strip show. (more…)

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Las Vegas History Timelines II

Vegas History Timelines Part II

Vegas History Timelines Part II

Las Vegas History Timelines II | 1935 to 1994

A number of other hotel-casinos soon began construction along what is called ‘the strip’ today. These first Hotel-Casinos were the Hotel Last Frontier, Flamingo Hotel and the Thunderbird. Only the Flamingo Hotel-Casino is still standing today.

The Flamingo Hotel & Casino was built by Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel, a famous mobster of the era. This became one of the most popular resorts, attracting many celebrities.

This casino was recognizable by the pink flamingos on the lawn, and this also started the trend of flashy designed casinos on the strip. (more…)

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Stud Poker

Stud Poker

5 Card and 7 Card Stud Poker

Stud Poker – More Fascinating Than Hold’em and Omaha

Stud Poker as a game is one of the most fascinating poker variations that enjoyed more follower-ship among poker players and fans before Hold’em took over the poker airwaves. Today Omaha is gaining ground and may likely displace Texas Hold’em in popularity.

Like Omaha, Stud is another poker variation with two versions. These Stud versions include Seven-Card Stud and Five-Card Stud.

However, like the Omaha versions where one is preferred against another, the Seven-Card Stud is the most played version of the two Stud versions. (more…)

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Bugsy Siegel II

Gambling Legend “Bugsy” Siegel

Gambling Legend “Bugsy” Siegel

Bugsy Siegel Part II

Continued from Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel Part I

Dinning With The Celebs

Bugsy Siegel loved aristocracy, flamboyance, and the high-class life of extravagance. He was to find these in the highest circles of the Hollywood where he befriended the celebrities, the stars and the dazzling women of the time.

The likes of Jack Warner, Louis B. Meyer, Jean Harlow, Italian Countess Dorothy DiFrasso and Germany’s Benito Mussolini were among his circle of friends. (more…)

Bugsy Siegel

Benjamin Bugsy Siegel

Gambling Legend “Bugsy” Siegel

Bugsy Siegel Part I

His was the story of money, flamboyance, and passion for big businesses – transforming the sandy desert plain of the Vegas Valley into a Gambling Mecca of some sort, with a multibillion-dollar value. It was a story of a man loved by all his employees for his generosity. However, beyond the façade, Benjamin Bugsy Siegel was one of the deadliest figures of his time.

Beyond the portico was a story of infamy, of brutality and of a notorious mobster with a penchant for rape, extortion, and murder. Yet, Bugsy Siegel remains one of the greatest legendary icons in the world of gambling, building one of the biggest casinos in Vegas with the completion of his famous Flamingo Casino Resort. (more…)

Las Vegas History Timelines

Las Vegas History Timelines | Pre 1776 to 1935

Las Vegas History Timelines

Vegas History Timelines Part I

Las Vegas History Timelines Part I. Since the early History of Las Vegas, gambling has always played a role. Initially gambling was legalized by the State first, but then in the early 20th century, they were also the last to outlaw it. In 1910, any type of gambling was outlawed in Nevada.

However, this did not stop those who had already caught the gambling bug from continuing to take advantage with underground games taking place all through the state.

In 1911 Las Vegas officially became a city. It was only by the Great Depression that gambling was legalized. More cool info like this is available in our five part ‘Las Vegas History Timelines’. (more…)

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Kerry Packer Tribute

Kerry Packer

Gambling Legend Kerry Packer

The Gambler That Was Larger Than Life!

We know the house always wins, right? The reason they always win is that there is an advantage for them built into any game you play. But more than that, they simply have a bigger bankroll and can weather any storm or winning streak you might throw at them.

But wait… do you know what puts the fear of God into any casino executive… it’s a ‘Whale’! We talk about whales and high rollers but really there are only a few true whales out there that can shake the timbers and threaten to bring the house down like no other. One of those was the late great Kerry Packer from Australia. (more…)